PW GATE Electronics Crash Course Free Pdf Download 2023

PW GATE Electronics Crash Course Free Pdf Download
PW GATE Electronics Crash Course Free Pdf Download

PW GATE Electronics Crash Course Free Pdf: PW GATE Crash Course For GATE 2023 Electronics Engineering Aspirants 2023 Classes Starting On October 3, 2022 On Physicswallah Mobile App/Website Complete Preparation For GATE 2023


Batch Price- $0 (Completely Free of Cost) For Complete Preparation. Students will have access to the batch until GATE 2023. (Expected Date: Ends on 31st October 2023). Candidates for the GATE in 2023 may join this batch.

PW GATE Electronics Crash Course Free Pdf Download
PW GATE Electronics Crash Course Free Pdf Download

PW GATE Crash Course For GATE 2023


  • Completely Free Batch For GATE 2023
  • Live Classes On Youtube Channel
  • Lecture Notes Provided on PW Mobile App/Website.
  • Computer Science & Information Technology
  • PW Trust
  • Regular Tests


  • This batch is a crash course for GATE 2023 EXAMINATION.
  • This is a 3 months course for candidates preparing for the GATE 2023 Examination.
  • Live lectures Will be provided on GATE Wallah and GATE wallah EE EC & CS Youtube Channel.
  • MCQs, MSQs, and NATs types of questions will be discussed in the class.
  • Live lectures by the best faculties of India.
  • DPPs will be provided along with daily lectures.
  • Tests will be conducted on a regular basis.

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NOTE – None of our PW Yoddha, official retailers, and PW community members would ask you to make payments on other platforms other than the official PW APP or Website. Any coupon or link will redirect you to PW App or website only. Please Avoid paying any amount to individuals through PayTM, Google Pay, Phonepe, or any UPI platform.

What is PWGATE?

PWGATE stands for PowerWare Gate Technology. It’s a proprietary technology developed by PWGATE Inc., a company founded by Dr. Mark Williams. PWGATE was created to provide growers with a way to automate their watering systems by using wireless sensors that measure water pressure.

PWGATE uses a patented sensor system that measures water pressure at each valve and then sends data wirelessly to a receiver unit. The receiver unit then relays the information to a computer where it can be analyzed and graphed.

How does PWGATE work?

The PWGATE system consists of two parts. First, the transmitter unit attaches to the valve stem of the irrigation system. Then, the receiver unit connects to a computer. When the transmitter detects water flowing through the valve, it triggers the receiver to send a signal to the computer. The computer then graphs the data and displays it on a monitor.

Where can I get the PWGATE System?

You can purchase a PWGATE Receiver Unit (RU) online or at any hardware store. You can also find them at some retail stores, including Home Depot and Lowes.

Can I use my own valves?

Yes! You can use any type of valve you want. However, if you do not have a compatible valve, we recommend using the PWGATE Valve Adapter Kit.

How much does the PWGATE system cost?

The PWGATESystem costs $199.99 USD + shipping.

Do I need to buy anything else to operate the PWGATE system?

No. All you need to install the PWGATE system is the PWGATE RU and your computer. If you already have a controller, you don’t need to buy anything else.

Does the PWGATE system require electricity?

Yes. The PWGATE system requires power to run. You can either plug it directly into a wall outlet or use a battery backup system.


Vishal Soni Sir (B. Tech from JSS Noida)

SignalControl & Communication Expert

Experience and Expertise

  • ESE RANK: AIR-25 & AIR-98
  • Cleared more than 11 PSU with interview
  • Served as group A GAZETTED officer in Indian Railways
  • Served as group A GAZETTED officer in Indian Telecommunication services
  • Mentored 1lk+ students (Offline & Online)

Ajay Gupta Sir (B Tech from MNIT Jaipur)

Power SystemPower Electronics Expert

Experience and Expertise

  • GATE RANK: AIR – 5
  • ESE Rank – 2
  • C.S.E.(mains) with electrical
  • Mentored over 1lakh + students

Varun Srivastava Sir (M. Tech in Power System)

Machine Expert

Experience and Expertise

  • Teaching Experience: 11+ in GATE & ESE
  • Qualified GATE many times
  • Mentored 1.5lk+ students (Offline & Online)
  • Mentored 50 students in the top 100 GATE Rankers

Sonu Lal Gupta Sir (M. Tech from IIT Kanpur)

Electromagnetic Field Theory Expert

Experience and Expertise

  • Teaching Experience: 10+
  • Qualified GATE many times
  • Mentored 1lk+ students for GATE & ESE
  • Selected in ECIL, ISRO & ATC
  • Mentored Students with AIR-2, AIR-8, AIR-11, AIR-13, AIR-17, AIR-19, AIR-24, AIR-28, AIR-36, AIR-42, and 200+ students under AIR-500

Chandan Jha Sir (ISRO Qualified)

Digital Electronics Expert

Experience and Expertise

  • GATE RANK: AIR – 23 & 26 (Qualified 6 Times)
  • Teaching Experience: 11+
  • Mentored 20k students (Offline & Online)
  • Mentored Students with AIR-2, AIR-5, AIR-6, AIR-7, AIR-11, AIR-19, and more
  • More than 230+ motivational seminars in various Engineering colleges including NIT and IIT

Diptanshu Choubey Sir (IIT BHU)

Network Analog Expert

Experience and Expertise

  • GATE RANK: AIR – 157 & 186
  • Teaching Experience: 5+
  • Taught over 2lakh + students
  • Mentored 30+ under 100 AIRs students in GATE
  • Qualified Multiple PSUs(IOCL, HPCL, BSNL, etc)

Electronic Devices and Circuits Expert

Experience and Expertise

  • Thesis is based on the Electronic Devices and Materials
  • Teaching Experience: 11+Years
  • Mentored many GATE Rankers i.e. AIR-2, AIR-25 & AIR-39, etc
  • Previous Experience
    • Dronacharya, Engineers Institute of India
    • Engineers Success, Engineers Academy, GATE Mentors, GATE Possible, AIEFA
    • Centre for Engineering Studies

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Who should join this batch?

If you are an engineering student and planning for GATE 2023

When will the course be completed?

31st December 2022

How to make a payment?

You can check the payment procedure video on the homepage of the PW App.

Mentioned price is the yearly fee or a monthly fee?

The mentioned price is an annual fee.

Will classes be live or recorded?

Complete LIVE CLASSES of each subject (students can see the recorded version of the live class anytime if he/she misses the class).

When can I access the batch?

Till March 2023

What if I have missed a live lecture/ want to watch previously recorded lectures?

You can watch the previous lecture anytime in the recorded format.

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