Xam Idea Class 12 Maths Chapterwise Question Bank Exam Free Pdf Download

Xam Idea Class 12 maths Chapterwise Question Bank Exam Free Pdf Download
Xam Idea Class 12 maths Chapterwise Question Bank Exam Free Pdf Download

Xam Idea Maths Class 12 pdf Free Download : It is a very valuable book for the students of class 12 . This  Xam idea book is made for Class 12 students to acquire marks in the board exams For Cbse Icse as well as other class 12 board exams.


The Book additionally covers the previous year’s CBSE exam questions to provide the understudies with the idea of questions asked in class 12.

What’s more, the Exam Idea Book likewise covers the NCERT important Questions, So that the students can know whether they have their concept clearance or not.

Previous Year's questions is given in the book.
MCQ given as per new exam pattern.
Peroidic test paper is given
5 unsolved model paper is given
2020 cbse examination paper (solved ) is also given in the book.
I have brought X am idea mathematics book for class 12 for my nephew who is writing class 12 th exams.i found this books very useful has it has lot of solved examples from NCERT text book &MCQ'S ,Assessment of activity work and viva-voice questions which help to score additional Mark's.
Very helpful for students to score maximum Mark's.
Exam idea is doing remarkable work in the field of imparting knowledge and information through the books available in the market I am highly impressed and satisfied with the matter and quality of information provided to us in exam idea Books of maths ,eng ,bio ,phy chem is the best for exam preparation, thanks.
Xam Idea Class 12 maths Chapterwise Question Bank Exam Free Pdf Download
Xam Idea Class 12 maths Chapterwise Question Bank Exam Free Pdf Download

Neither less to say , Xam idea Maths class 12 pdf is a must have book in your bag while preparing for class 12 boards whether it be term 1 exam or term 2 exam , this Xam idea class 12 Maths term 2 pdf will be proved helpful for you.

Class 12 xam idea Maths pdf Download

About Class 12 Maths Xam Idea PDF

The class 12 maths xam idea pdf will provide you with a clear viewpoint of mathematics as it is published by one of the best publishers in the country.

All the topics are covered in the xam idea class 12 maths pdf and even it is stated by many students that difficult numerical are solved in an easy way that can help students when studying mathematics.

About Publisher

The book is published by one of the most respected publishers in the country, Xam Idea publications. Xam Idea publication is a well-known name in the field of study, and each and every student and teacher is aware of the publication and the quality of content they offer.

Key points of  xam idea class 12 maths pdf

  1. xam idea class 12 maths pdf readily explain complex topics.
  2. xam idea class 12 maths pdf has different sections for both theory and numerical questions.
  3. xam idea class 12 maths pdf also covers MCQ also.
  4. xam idea class 12 maths pdf is easy to download.
  5. Class 12 maths xam idea pdf is based on the latest patterns and follows all the guidelines
  6. Class 12 maths xam idea pdf also has sample papers in it.
  7. Class 12 maths xam idea pdf is a good book.
  8. Class 12 maths xam idea pdf will give you a profound knowledge of the subject.


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The new Xam Idea for Class XII Mathematics 2020 – 21 has been thoroughly revised diligently designed and uniquely formatted in accordance with CBSE requirements and NCERT guidelines.
The features of the new Xam Idea are as follows:

  • The book has been thoroughly revised as per the new CBSE examination paper design.
  • The book is divided into two sections: Part – A and Part – B.
  • Part – A includes the following:
  • Each chapter is summarised in ‘Basic Concepts.
  • Important NCERT Textbook and NCERT Exemplar questions have been incorporated.
  • Previous years questions have been added under different sections according to their marks.
  • Objective type questions have been included as per new CBSE guidelines. These include Multiple Choice Questions, Fill in the Blanks and Very Short Questions.
  • At the end of every chapter, Proficiency Exercise for practice and Self – Assessment test has been given to test the extent of grasp by the student.
  • Part – B includes the following:
  • • CBSE Sample Question Paper – 2020 (solved) and CBSE Examination Question Papers- 2020 of all 5 regions with complete solutions.
  • Unsolved model question papers have been included for the ample practice by the student.
  • There is certain change for the session 2020 – 21. The Binomial probability distribution (Chapter –Probability) have been included.
  • Periodic tests and important mathematical activities along with related viva – voice have been provided in the book for internal assessment.
  • We take this opportunity to acknowledge your consistent concern and contribution in raising the text to the level it has achieved. As always, you will find yourself contributing to the cause of good education.

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Xam idea Maths class 12 pdf download latest edition

Xam idea Maths pdf

Exam idea Maths pdf download class 12

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