PW Civil Engineering GATE Crash Course Free Pdf Download 2023

PW Civil Engineering GATE Crash Course Free Pdf Download
PW Civil Engineering GATE Crash Course Free Pdf Download

PW Civil Engineering GATE Crash Course Free Pdf Download: PW GATE Crash Course For GATE 2023 CIVIL Engineering Aspirants 2023 Classes Starting From 03rd October 2022 On Physicswallah Mobile App / Website Complete Preparation For GATE 2023 Batch Price- ₹0/-(Completely Free of Cost) For Complete Preparation.


the batch will be accessible to the students until GATE 2023 (Expected Date: Ends on 31st October 2023). Students Targeting GATE, 2023 Can Join this Batch.

PW Civil Engineering GATE Crash Course Free Pdf Download
PW Civil Engineering GATE Crash Course Free Pdf Download

PW Civil Engineering GATE Crash Course Free Pdf Download


  • Completely Free Batch For GATE 2023
  • Live Classes On Youtube Channel
  • Lecture Notes Provided on PW Mobile App/Website.
  • Computer Science & Information Technology
  • PW Trust
  • Regular Tests


  • This batch is a crash course for GATE 2023 EXAMINATION.
  • This is a 3 months course for candidates preparing for the GATE 2023 Examination.
  • Live lectures Will be provided on GATE Wallah and GATE wallah EE EC & CS Youtube Channel.
  • MCQs, MSQs, and NATs types of questions will be discussed in the class.
  • Live lectures by the best faculties of India.
  • DPPs will be provided along with daily lectures.
  • Tests will be conducted on a regular basis.


NOTE – None of our PW Yoddha, official retailers, and PW community members would ask you to make payments on other platforms other than the official PW APP or Website. Any coupon or link will redirect you to PW App or website only. Please Avoid paying any amount to individuals through PayTM, Google Pay, Phonepe, or any UPI platform.


Aishwarya Sharma Sir M.Tech Geotechnical Engineering

Engineering Mechanics & RCC Expert

Experience and Expertise

Expert in GATE/ESE/AE
9+ years of teaching experience.
4 times GATE Qualified-AIR 226 in GATE.
NHPC Qualified.
Served 2 Years in WS ATKINS as a Geotechnical Engineer
Worked on Indian and Euro Code
Taught more than 20k+ students in offline batches across India
More than 50 students are under the top 1000 in GATE

  • Anirudh Singh Rathore          
  • M.Tech from NIT-Bhopal.
    Strength of Materials & Geomatics Expert

Experience and Expertise

Ex-Made Easy Faculty.
10 years of teaching experience.
Qualified ESE Mains 2 times.
Qualified GATE 2 times.
Qualified MPPSC.
Qualified AAI.

Chetan Saxena Sir

MTech Structures –(IIT_R)
Irrigation & BMC Expert

Experience and Expertise

Expert in GATE/ESE/AE/JE.
AIR 55 & 301 in GATE.

SSC Ranker & ESE MAINS Qualified.
>99.2%ile in GATE 5 times consecutively.
Qualified for several state exams RPSC, BPSC, etc.
Taught more than 100k+ students (offline and online)
Best GATE SCORE-902.–Several students secured top ranks in GATE. (AIR 3,6,12,13,16,18,28,36,51,58 etc.)

Gautam Gupta Sir

M.Tech Structure – Btech Civil
Structural Analysis Expert

  • Experience and Expertise
  • Gate Air 37
    Industrial Exp. (18-yrs)
    Remote sensing – RMSI
  • Railways – L&T
    Aluminum Smelter – BALCO
    Chemical plant – KLJ PETROPLAST
    Educationist (10-yrs)
    IES – GATE – PSU (Engg. Students)
    NSO – IMO (School Students)
    Codes – Indian, American, British, Canadian

Mrigank Saurav Sir

  • M.Tech Environmental Engineering ( NIT Warangal ),
    Environmental Engineering
    Fluid Mechanics & Open Channel Flow Expert

Experience and Expertise

  •  Expert in GATE/ESE/AE
    4+ years of teaching experience.
  •  Worked as a Scientific Researcher in BARC Mumbai
    2 times GATE Qualified
  •  Worked on Nairobi Kenya Transport Planning and Management Project, related to Air Pollution.
    Taught more than 85k students in offline and Online batches across India,
    Various students secured under Top 100 in GATE, Under my guidance and support many students have passed various State Pollution Control Board, CPCB, and BIS Exam.

Recent Posts

What is civil engineering?

Civil engineering is the design, construction, maintenance, and management of the built environment including its related services. It includes activities such as designing roads, bridges, buildings, dams, tunnels, railways, airports, pipelines, water supply systems, sewers, flood control structures, and many others.

How does civil engineering differ from architecture?

Architecture deals with the visual aspects of building while civil engineering deals with the structural aspects of building. Architecture focuses on how a structure looks while civil engineering focuses on how a structure works.

What is the difference between a civil engineer and a geologist?
A civil engineer is someone who designs and builds things like bridges, highways, buildings, etc. A geologist is someone who studies rocks and earth materials.

Why do we need engineers?

Engineers are responsible for making sure that our cities, homes, and businesses are safe and functional. Engineers are responsible for ensuring that our infrastructure (roads, bridges, buildings) work properly. They make sure that our homes and workplaces are strong enough to withstand earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, hurricanes, fires, and other disasters.

What is a typical day like for a civil engineer?

Most days for a civil engineer involve working on projects. Sometimes they may have meetings with clients about their project. Other times they might spend time researching different topics that could help them build a better bridge or road.

What is the difference among civil engineering, architectural engineering, and landscape architecture?

Civil engineering is concerned with the physical aspects of building. Architectural engineering is concerned with the visual aspects of buildings. Landscape architecture is concerned with the environmental aspects of buildings.

What is the difference in the job title of a civil engineer and a civil/structural engineer?
The job titles of civil engineer and civil/structural engineer are often used interchangeably. However, there is a big difference between the two.

A civil engineer is responsible for the design and construction of everything from bridges to buildings. A civil/structural engineer is responsible for the structural integrity of buildings. Structures are what hold up buildings and bridges.

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