Prepositions of Position and Direction in English Free Course 2023

Prepositions of Position and Direction in English Free Course
Prepositions of Position and Direction in English Free Course

A preposition is a short word, for example at, in or by, that is most commonly used to show the relation between two nouns, two pronouns, or a noun and a pronoun. Prepositions are also added to some verbs, to modify their meaning.


Prepositions of Position and Direction…

  • Left to / To the left of
  • Right to / To the right of
  • Immediate right to
  • Immediate left to
  • Next to / Adjacent / Beside / By
  • Immediate next to
  • Ahead of
  • Behind
  • On the right/left
  • To the right/left
  • In front of / before
  • In/at the corner
  • Between

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Sentences with prepositions of place and direction

abovehigher than sth.The picture hangs above my bed.
acrossfrom one side to the other sideYou mustn’t go across this road here.
There isn’t a bridge across the river.
afterone follows the otherThe cat ran after the dog.
After you.
againstdirected towards sth.The bird flew against the window.
alongin a line; from one point to anotherThey’re walking along the beach.
amongin a groupI like being among people.
aroundin a circular wayWe’re sitting around the campfire.
at*position at a pointI arrived at the meeting.
behindat the back ofOur house is behind the supermarket.
belowlower than sth.Death Valley is 86 metres below sea level.
besidenext toOur house is beside the supermarket.
betweensth./sb. is on each sideOur house is between the supermarket and the school.
bynearHe lives in the house by the river.
close tonearOur house is close to the supermarket.
downfrom high to lowHe came down the hill.
fromthe place where it startsDo you come from Tokyo?
in front ofthe part that is in the direction it facesOur house is in front of the supermarket.
insideopposite of outsideYou shouldn’t stay inside the castle.
in*place seen in three dimensionsWe slept in the car.
larger areasI was born in England.
intoentering sth.You shouldn’t go into the castle.
nearclose toOur house is near the supermarket.
next tobesideOur house is next to the supermarket.
offaway from sth.The cat jumped off the roof.
on*touches a surfaceThere is a fly on the table.
is seen as a point on a lineWe were on the way from Paris to Rome.
by a lake or seaLondon lies on the Thames.
public transportWe should get on the bus.
ontomoving to a placeThe cat jumped onto the roof.
oppositeon the other sideOur house is opposite the supermarket.
out ofleaving sth.The cat jumped out of the window.
outsideopposite of insideCan you wait outside?
overabove sth./sb.The cat jumped over the wall.
pastgoing near sth./sb.Go past the post office.
roundin a circleWe’re sitting round the campfire.
throughgoing from one point to the other pointYou shouldn’t walk through the forest.
totowards sth./sb.I like going to Australia.
Can you come to me?
I’ve never been to Africa.
towardsin the direction of sth.We ran towards the castle.
underbelow sth.The cat is under the table.
upfrom low to highHe went up the hill.

Prepositions of Position and Direction – Concept

  • मयंक सोनम के बगल में बैठा है।
    Mayank Sonam ke bagal me baitha hai.
    Mayank is sitting next to/ adjacent/ beside sonam.
  • स्वाति अज़हर के बगल में खड़ी है।
    Swati Azhar ke bagal me khadi hai.
    Swati is standing next to/ adjacent/ beside Azhar.
  • सोनी सोनम के आगे बैठी है।
    Soni Sonam ke aage baithi hai.
    Soni is sitting ahead of Sonam.
  • सीमा अंजलि के पीछे बैठी है।
    Seema Anjali ke peeche baithi hai.
    Seema is sitting behind Anjali.
  • टीचर स्टूडेंट के सामने खड़े है।
    Teacher student ke saamne khade hai.
    Teacher is standing in front of the student.
  • आरोही अविरत के दाईं ओर है।
    Arohi Avirat ke dayi or hai.
    Arohi is to the right of (right to) Avirat.                  
  • अज़हर के आगे कौन बैठा है?
    Azhar ke aage kaun baitha hai?
    Who is sitting ahead of Azhar?
  • सोनी के बगल में इमरान क्यों बैठा है ?
    Soni ke bagal me Imran kyu baitha hai?
    Why is Imran sitting beside/next to/adjacent Soni?
  • सोनम स्वाति के बाईं ओर है।
    Sonam Swati ke baai or hai.
    Sonam is left to / to the left of Swati.
  • आन्या  इमरान के बगल में दाईं ओर है। 
    Aanya Imran ke bagal me daai or hai.
    Aanya is immediate right to Imran.
  • सोनी इमरान के बगल में बाईं ओर बैठी है।
    Soni Imran ke bagal me baai or baithi hai.
    Soni is sitting immediate left to Imran.
  • इमरान स्वाति के ठीक आगे बैठा है।
    Imran Swati ke thik aage baitha hai.
    Imran is sitting immediate ahead of Swati.
  • मैं आपको गली के कोने पर मिलूँगा।
    Mai aapko gali ke kone par milunga.
    I will meet you at the corner of the street.

Practice Exercise

आप अमन के दाईं ओर बैठे हो।
(Aap Aman ke daeen or baithe ho.)
You are sitting right to Aman. /
You are sitting to the right of Aman.

आप अमन के बाईं ओर बैठे हो।
(Aap Aman ke baeen or baithe ho.)
You are sitting left to Aman. /
You are sitting to the left of Aman.

आप अमन के आगे बैठे हो।
(Aap Aman ke aage baithe ho.)
You are sitting ahead of Aman.

आप अमन के पीछे बैठे हो।
(Aap Aman ke peechhe baithe ho.)
You are sitting behind Aman.

आप अमन के बगल में बैठे हो।
(Aap Aman ke bagal me baithe ho.)
You are sitting next to/adjacent/beside Aman.

वो मेरे सामने खड़ा था। (Face to Face)
(Vo mere saamne khada tha.)
He was standing in front of me.

मैं लाइन में उसके आगे खड़ा था।
(Main line me uske aage khada tha.)
I was standing ahead of him in the queue.

Prepositions of Position and Direction…

तुम्हारे बाईं ओर कौन है?
(Tumhare baeen aur kaun hai?)
Who is to the left of you? / Who is left to you?

तुम्हारे जूते के सामने वाले जूते मेरे हैं।
(Tumhare joote ke samne vale joote mere hai.)
The shoes beside yours are mine.

संजना के बगल में कोई नहीं है।
(Sanjana ke bagal mein koi nahi hai.)
There is no one beside Seeta.

मैं किस दिशा में हूँ?
(Main kis disha mein hoon?)
In which direction am I? /
Which direction am I in?

मैं उत्तर की ओर जा रहा हूँ।
(Main uttar kee or ja rahe hu.)
I am going towards the north.

आप दाईं ओर थे।
(Aap daeen or the.)
You were on the right side.

आप बाईं ओर थे।
(Aap baeen or the.)
You were on the left side.

बाईं ओर चलो।
Baeen or chalo.
Walk on the left side. /
Keep the left.

दिल्ली भारत के उत्तर में है।
(Bharat ke uttar mein Delhi hai.)
Delhi is to the north of India. /
Delhi is in the northern India.

केरल भारत के दक्षिण में है।
(Keral Bharat ke dakshin mein hai.)
Kerala is to the South of India. /
Kerala is in the southern India.

बंगाल भारत के पूरब में है।
(Bangal Bharat ke poorab mein hai.)
Bengal is to the East of India. /
Bengal is in the Eastern India.

कृपया दाईं ओर खिसकिए।
Kripya daeen or khisakiye. /
Please move to the right.

कृपया बाईं ओर खिसकिए।
Kripya baeen or khisakiye.
Please move to the left.

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