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We are here with Video Lectures for class 10 th CBSE by best teachers.Main problem with students are that their concepts are not clear.Due to many reasons like they can’t attended the class,teacher didn’t taught well etc.So we are here to solve that problem by providing them with Video Lectures for class 10 by best teachers.


Follow the links given below to watch and download Video Lectures for class 10 th CBSE.

If your concept is not cleared then you can also watch the video to clear your concept.

Real Numbers, Maths Class 10th
Polymonials, CBSE Class 10th NCERT Maths
Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variable, CBSE Class 10th Maths
Quadratic Equations, CBSE Class 10th
Arithmetic Progression , CBSE Class 10th Maths
Triangles Introduction, NCERT Mathematics Class 10th
Introduction – Coordinate Geometry, CBSE Class 10th Maths
 Some Applications of Trigonometry, Class 10th Maths
Circles Introduction, CBSE Maths Class 10th
Areas Related To Circles Introduction, Class 10th Mathematics
Q 1, Ex 13.1 – Surface Areas And Volumes – Chapter 13 – Maths Class 10th – NCERT
Q 1, Ex 14.1 – Statistics – Chapter 14 – Maths Class 10th – NCERT
Introduction – Probability, Free Online Class 10th Maths

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History (India and The Contemporary World – II)
1: The Rise of Nationalism in Europe
2: The Nationalist Movement in Indo-China
3: Nationalism in India
4: The Making of a Global World
5: The Age of Industrialisation
6: Work,Life and Leisure Cities in the contemporary world
7: Print Culture and The Modern World
8: Novels,Society and History

Geography (Contemporary India – II)
1: Resources and Development
2: Forest and Wildlife Resources
3: Water Resources
4: Agriculture
5: Minerals and Energy Resources
6: Manufacturing Industries
7: Lifelines of National Economy

Political Science (Democratic Politics -II)
1: Power Sharing
2: Federalism
3: Democracy and Diversity
4: Gender, Religion and Caste
5: Popular Struggles and Movements
6: Political Parties
7: Outcomes of Democracy
8: Challenges to Democracy

Economics (Understanding Economic Development)
1: Development
2: Sectors of the Indian Economy
3: Money and Credit
4: Globalisation and the Indian Economy
5: Consumer Rights

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First Flight
1. A Letter to God
2. Nelson Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom
3. Two Stories about Flying
4. From the Diary of Anne Frank
5. The Hundred Dresses–I
6. The Hundred Dresses–II
7. Glimpses of India
8. Mijbil the Otter
9. Madam Rides the Bus
10. The Sermon at Benares
11. The Proposal

1. A Triumph of Surgery
2. The Thief’s Story
3. The Midnight Visitor
4. A Question of Trust
5. Footprints without Feet
6. The Making of a Scientist
7. The Necklace
8. The Hack Driver
9. Bholi
10. The Book That Saved the Earth

Hindi – Course A – NCERT Book
KRITIKA – कृतिका
1: माता का अँचल
2: जॉर्ज पंचम की नाक
3: साना – साना हाथ जोड़ि…
4: एही ठैयाँ झुलनी हेरानी हो रामा!
5: मैं क्यों लिखता हूँ?

KSHITIJ- क्षितिज
1 – सूरदास
2 – तुलसीदास
3 – देव
4 – जयशंकर प्रसाद
5 – सूर्यकांत त्रिपाठी ‘निराला’
6 – नागार्जुन
7 – गिरिजाकुमार माथुर
8 – ऋतुराज
9 – मंगलेश डबराल
10 – स्वयं प्रकाश
11 – रामवृक्ष बेनीपुरी
12 – यशपाल
13 – सर्वेश्वर दयाल सक्सेना
14 – मन्नू भंडारी
15 – महावीरप्रसाद द्विवेदी
16 – यतींद्र मिश्र
17 – भदंत आनंद कौसल्यायन

What is Online Coaching?

E-learning is a growing market. And also, the most convenient and technologically advanced learning platform. It is the product of development and demand for education. It is the result of the increasing demand for the use of technology and comes with various advantages. In this article, we will see how Education Learn Academy is the best platform for Online Coaching for Class 10.

Advantages of Online Coaching for Class 10 with Education Learn Academy

  • Have you ever missed out on any lectures and have no way to go? Relatable right? Well, Education Learn Academy online coaching is designed to overcome the problems faced by students who would miss out on any lectures at school, knowing how important every chapter in every subject is for the boards.
  • Difficulty in understanding a particular chapter or concept, or you just went blank or failed to pay attention? Online coaching sessions are all recorded to help a student cope up with the portion. One can also clear any doubt in our doubt solving sessions and engage in e-learning at their convenience.
  • No coaching classes required, no running to classes as soon as you reach home. Just open your electronic gadget and enjoy the sessions at comfort from your home.
  • Time for revision or forgot a concept already dealt with? Do not worry Education Learn Academy got you covered. Select the subject, the chapter and read through it in our articles on the website. Or open up a video of that chapter and revise your concepts and be ready for the next.

So, if you worried about the important academic year of your schooling that is, Class 10, Education Learn Academy got your back. Right from chapters dealt with in various articles, online videos of topics, live doubt solving sessions, sample question papers, and much more under just one roof.

Features of Online Coaching for  Class 10 by Education Learn Academy

When there are other platforms available to clear Class 10, what makes Education Learn Academy stand out or different? Why is it to be preferred? Well here is why.

Education Learn Academy offers its users the following features which makes it a full-fledged and self-sufficient app. Everything that can assist a student to learn, grow and develop, not just limited to good scores but also makes sure that it covers other factors like, good memory, logical understanding, clarity of concepts and solving of doubts.

Download Education Learn Academy App for Android and iOS or signup for free.

All the subjects of class 10 and the individual subject syllabus are covered by the various features offered at Education Learn Academy. Subjects include:

Online Coaching for Class 10 Maths

Online Coaching for Class 10 Science

Online Coaching for Class 10 Social Science

Online Coaching for Class 10 English

Here are some of the features that can assist a Class 10 student to do well and with not much stress or burden.

Online Classes

Under this feature, the student can go to any subject like Mathematics, Science, Social science, Information Technology, Hindi or English. Search and click the chapter or topic he/she needs to revise or learn. For example, chapter Development in Social Science. One can also flip through the stories, read the briefing, revise the concept, learn a new one and strengthen their concepts, chapters or subject as a whole through these online coaching classes.

Mock Test

When you have cleared your concepts, done with the revision, an adaptive practice that you should keep in mind while solving any question paper, you can click on the next very useful feature that is the mock test. Mock means a trial. A trial to run before your final class 10 board exams. This feature helps a student to test his/her knowledge on a particular topic of a particular subject.

There is a wide range of question sets available under each subject for every chapter. One can always give such tests from home, how convenient isn’t it? And know the scores then and there and also the areas of improvement. Revise visiting the online classes feature and nail it this time. One can also analyze their performance and get a comparative study of their improvements and area of strengths and weakness for each subject.

Want to test how much you remember of a chapter in History. Give a mock test. No declaring of marks no demotivation, comparison with other students or signatures of parents or teachers required. There is always another test lined up to perform better than the last one until you perfect it.

Adaptive Practice

This feature is the next step after the online classes taken by a student. Under this head, a student is offered a series of question sets for various subject topics. For example, the chapter Natural resources in Science. a complete set of questions and a brief crash course to go through before you hop to solve a question paper from our next feature.

Live Doubts

This is rather an innovative, convenient and blissful feature for most of the students in practical subjects. Especially in subjects like Mathematics and Science. if you are stuck anywhere and find it difficult to solve a mathematical problem or a chemical reaction or formula or experiment. Just click a picture elaborate adding the problem faced and share it. Education Learn Academy has a team of subject experts which help resolve these problems and solve your doubts. They make sure you are clear with your concepts and ready to face another challenging problem.

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