[PDF] Vedantu Chemistry JEE modules chapterwise Free Pdf Download 2023

Vedantu Chemistry JEE modules Free Pdf Download
Vedantu Chemistry JEE modules Free Pdf Download

Vedantu Chemistry JEE modules Free Pdf Download: We will providingVedantu Chemistry JEE modules Free Pdf Download links here: JEE Main & Advanced MODULES. Someone has published the following VEDANTU JEE MODULES on DRIVE LINKS.


You can get it for free by clicking on the Google Drive links provided.

Vedantu JEE MODULES for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics are available for download here. All disciplines are very significant in the IIT JEE Main and Advanced. These Vedantu JEE Main & Advanced MODULES are for class 11th and 12th.

Vedantu Chemistry JEE modules Free Pdf Download
Vedantu Chemistry JEE modules Free Pdf Download

Vedantu is a large online tutoring coaching platform in India that was created in 2011. Teachers deliver tuition or coaching to students through the internet using a real-time virtual learning environment called WAVE, which was developed in-house.
Vedantu’s headquarters are located in Bengaluru, India. Vamsi Krishna,

Important Things To Remember while Studying Chemistry

This will help them to cover all the important formulas, equations, and concepts that are included in the chapters. They can easily download all the JEE Main Previous Year Question Papers from Vedantu.

How to read up on Physical Chemistry for JEE Main 2023? 

Likewise in the event that there is some comparative sort of formulae or laws you are stuck at, then record them on a graph or a paper.

How to prepare for Organic chemistry for JEE Main 2023?

The first is «Some basic principles and techniques in Organic chemistry»- all basics of organic chemistry will be clarified in this part. You can find all the revision papers here at Vedantu. You can avail all the well-researched and good quality chapters, sample papers, syllabus for JEE Main and Advanced and much more from the website of Vedantu and its mobile application available on the play store.

chapterwise for class 11th and class 12th


CH 1. Structure of AtomDownload vedantu pdf
CH 2. Periodic ClassificationDownload vedantu pdf
CH 3. Chemical BondingDownload vedantu pdf
CH 4. Some Basic Concepts of ChemistryDownload vedantu pdf
CH 5. Redox ReactionDownload vedantu pdf
CH 6. State of MatterDownload vedantu pdf
CH 7. Thermodynamics _ Thermo ChemistryDownload vedantu pdf
CH 8. Chemical EquilibriumDownload vedantu pdf
CH 9. Ionic EquilibriumDownload vedantu pdf
CH 10. p-blockDownload vedantu pdf
CH 11. HydrocarbonsDownload vedantu pdf
CH 12. S-block.pdfDownload vedantu pdf
CH 13. GOCDownload vedantu pdf
CH 14. HydrogenDownload vedantu pdf

Latest Study Matrial


CH 1. SolutionsDownload
CH 2. Chemical KineticsDownload
CH 3. ElectrochemistryDownload
CH 4. Solid StateDownload
CH 5. Surface ChemistryDownload
CH 6. Coordination CompoundsDownload
CH 7. MetallurgyDownload
CH 8. P-BlockDownload
CH 9. Alkyl HalidesDownload
CH 10. Alcohols, Ethers and Phenols NMDownload
CH 11. Aldehydes _ Ketones Tatva (NM)Download
CH 12. Carboxylic Acids _ Derivatives_Carbonyl Compounds TatvaDownload
CH 12. Carboxylic Acids _ Derivatives_Carbonyl compoundsDownload
CH 13. Amines TatvaDownload
CH 14. Biomolecules PolymersDownload
CH 15. GOC (Part-2)Download
CH 16. Reagent MechanismDownload
CH 17. D _ F Block (Transition Elements)Download


Isn’t it amazing that you can ensure your JEE preparation without spending any money on the study modules for JEE exams with Vedantu? Now, we are sure you will be able to access all the study materials required for your JEE preparation for free at Vedantu. So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity and download the free PDF of JEE Main and Advanced study material with just a click!

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