NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths Free PDF Download

[PDF] NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths Free PDF Download
[PDF] NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths Free PDF Download

If you are looking for NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths, you have come to the right place. Experienced Teachers has created detailed CBSE 7th class maths textbook solutions.


We provide that are precise to the point and absolutely error free. NCERT Class 7 maths solutions include all the questions provided as per new revised syllabus in NCERT Class 7 Maths textbook. NCERT maths book class 7 solutions pdf can be downloaded in One click without LOGIN. You can also practice Extra Questions for Class 7 Maths on

[PDF] NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths Free PDF Download

Download Free NCERT Solutions for class 6th to 12th.

NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Maths – Free PDF Download

Chapter 1 Integers
Chapter 2 Fractions and Decimals
Chapter 3 Data Handling
Chapter 4 Simple Equations
Chapter 5 Lines and Angles
Chapter 6 The Triangles and its Properties
Chapter 7 Congruence of Triangles
Chapter 8 Comparing Quantities
Chapter 9 Rational Numbers
Chapter 10 Practical Geometry
Chapter 11 Perimeter and Area
Chapter 12 Algebraic Expressions
Chapter 13 Exponents and Powers
Chapter 14 Symmetry
Chapter 15 Visualising Solid Shapes

Download NCERT Books for class 1st to 12th.

Maths is one such subject which is still is the nightmare for both parents and students. Rather than encouraging the child for self study, parents just opt for tuition classes.  But, be it school or tuition no one going to solve each and every answer for your child. Then, what’s the solution.

The answer to this problem is right in front of you. NCERT solutions for class 7 Maths PDF, which you can either download or view it here as an image. But for that don’t forget to book mark this page and if you like it share it with your friends as well.

Students start getting stressed up when moving from class V to VI. As the syllabus is drastically changed, many new concepts are introduced. If you are not sound in your mathematics concepts right from the beginning then you may feel difficulty in class VII and higher classes as well.  So, it’s very important to remain sound with all the fundamentals, formulas and most importantly practice them well.


NCERT Books Solutions for class 7 Maths, English, Hindi and Science are given below to download free in PDF.

All the 15 chapters of NCERT Maths class 7 encapsulate the basics of mathematics such as Integers, fractions, equations and a little introduction to algebra. As all these chapters are interconnected with higher classes as well, you need a solid practice of all concepts.

For securing good marks in the exam it is important to practice all the questions well especially the back exercise and the examples. Our solution book explains each and every step very diligently and in an interactive manner. The language used is similar to the NCERT books and the steps are as per the CBSE marking scheme. It also helps the students to know the right approach towards step marking and framing the answer according to that.

The rules related to congruency of triangles such as SSS, SAS etc should be very clear in a student’s mind. Our book effectively explains how to reach towards a conclusion. We have completely solved every question till the end. So that if a student wants to check where he/she has gone wrong, they can refer the solutions.

The website has been designed especially looking into the needs of students and of teachers as well. Apart from NCERT books we also provide solutions for top selling mathematics books such as RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal etc. Our website serves as a single stop destination for all textbook solutions.

A certain freezing process requires that room temperature be lowered from 40 oC at the rate of 5 oC every hour. What will be the room temperature 10 hours after the process begins?

Given: Present room temperature = 40 oC
Decreasing the temperature every hour = 5 oC
Room temperature after 10 hours
= 40 oC + 10 x (–5 oC )
= 40 oC – 50 oC
= – 10 oC
Thus, the room temperature after 10 hours is – 10 oC after the process begins.

विद्या और प्रताप पिकनिक पर गए । उनकी माँ ने उन्हें 5 लीटर पानी वाली एक बोतल दी। विद्या ने कुल पानी का 2/5 उपयोग किया। शेष पानी प्रताप ने पिया। विद्या ने कितना पानी पिया?

दिया है:
बोतल में पानी की कुल मात्रा = 5 लीटर
विद्या द्वारा पानी का उपयोग = 5 लीटर का 2/5 = 2/5 x 5 = 2 लीटर
अतः, विद्या ने बोतल से 2 लीटर पानी पिया।

What is the standard form of a rational number?

A rational number is said to be in the standard form, if its denominator is a positive integer and the numerator and
denominator have no common factor other than 1.

What are monomial, binomial or trinomial in Algebraic Expressions?

• Expression with one term is called a ‘Monomial’.
• Expression with two unlike terms is called a ‘Binomial’.
• Expression with three unlike terms is called a ‘Trinomial’.

The perimeter of a rectangle is 130 cm. If the breadth of the rectangle is 30 cm, find its length. Also, find the area of the rectangle.

Perimeter of rectangle = 130 cm
2 (length + breadth) = 130 cm
2 (length + 30) = 130
length + 30 = 130/2
length + 30 = 65
length = 65 – 30 = 35 cm
Now area of rectangle
= length x breadth
= 35 x 30
= 1050 cm^2
Thus, the area of rectangle is 1050 cm^2.

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When we talk about English subject, it’s the interpretation and comprehension of the language that matters. The student needs to interpret the lesson and write the answer accordingly. But it has been seen that many students start facing problems once they land up in class 6. The pattern of the subject changes drastically, so it is very important to make them familiar with subject as soon as possible.

National Council of Education, research and Training (NCERT) is an autonomous organization which is responsible for developing and publishing the books as per Central Board of Secondary Education or CBSE. The English for class 7 has two books namely Honeycomb and An Alien had. Both of these books are essential for scoring good marks in the examination.

NCERT solutions for class 7 English: Honeycomb

The honey comb is further divided into two sections: chapters and poems. There are in total 10 chapters in Honeycomb book. All the solutions curated for this book are explained properly and are up to mark. The solutions follow the latest CCE marketing scheme.

The main aim of our solution book is to make a student understand the question and channelize his potential to think.  We always recommend a student to first try to answer on your own. This makes him clear about his vision and understanding of the chapters. In case he is unable to answer or wants references, the solution book is always handy.

The chapters such as Three Questions, A gift of Chapels, Goal and Hilda Fish, The Ashes that made trees bloom, The invention of Vita- Wonk, Fire Friend and foe, The story of Cricket and other ones also are well elucidated and properly elaborated as per the demand of the question.

Most of the students are not able to understand the underlying meaning of the poem.  This solution book will not only help you understand the poem but will equip you to answer any random question as well. There are nine poems included in the curriculum.

NCERT Class 7 English – An Alien Hand Chapter wise Solutions

An Alien Hand is the second book which is prescribed as English text book in the curriculum of class 7. All the 10 chapters are explained in a very easy and diligent manner so that it justifies the thirst of a scholar as well as a weak student.

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Reasons for You to Download Hindi Vasant Class 7 Solutions

Class 7 Hindi Vasant is a wonderful collection of chapters that is easy for the students to understand if they carefully study the subject. To make their job easier, NCERT solutions for Class 7th Hindi Vasant have been released on the internet. These solution sets discuss the overall view of the topic. It also explains the hidden meaning behind each phrase. 

As a result, the students can get both the overall ideas as well as the intricate details. Another important feature of these notes is that there are module questions and answers at the end of each chapter. The students can go through these answers to know how to write answers to fetch maximum marks. Let us look into the details of each aspect of NCERT solutions Class 7th Hindi Vasant.

  • Exam-Oriented Notes

There is a lot to study about Hindi literature. However, only a part of it is focused on the examinations. Since Hindi’s syllabus is vast, the students must study according to what is required for the examination. CBSE Class 7 Hindi Vasant solution is what students require for exam preparation. These solutions are oriented towards any examination that the students take. Hindi NCERT Solutions are prepared in such a way that the salient points of the chapter are being mentioned. Also, the entire note is made in an easy, understandable manner for the students. The students will love the flow of thoughts depicted in NCERT Solutions for Class 7 Hindi Vasant while fully prepared for the examination.

  • CBSE-Specified Model Answers

Hindi literature is one such subject where the examiner can mark you based on his impression of the answers’ quality. Since such an attribute can vary amongst examiners, the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has put up model answers and rules supporting it. Any students who follow that answer model will get full marks in the examination. The NCERT solutions of Class 7 Hindi book Vasant follow that answer model to prepare the sample questions and answers. The students can learn how to write perfect answers by following such models. If the students follow these answer patterns, the exam will not cut any marks on their answer sheet.

  • Quick Revisions Before Examinations

The syllabus for Hindi literature is so vast that it is almost impossible for students to revise before the examination completely. For proper revision of these chapters, the Vasant NCERT Class 7 solutions present the entire chapter concisely, comprising the important points of the chapter. The important parts of each chapter are focused on these revision notes so that the students can get an overview of the chapters. In this way, the students will be able to complete the entire syllabus without even reading the full chapter. Therefore, the NCERT solution for Class 7 Hindi Vasant will be an asset for students when it comes to revision before the examination.

Why is the Best Solution for Vasant Class 7 Solutions?

is one of the best sources for revision notes for Hindi literature. It has concise notes that cover the entire chapter. Moreover, it also provides model answers pertaining to most examinations. The students will learn about the important concepts and write the perfect answers that can fetch them maximum marks in the examination.

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