NCERT Solutions For Class 12 History Free Pdf Download

NCERT Solutions For Class 12 History Free Pdf Download
NCERT Solutions For Class 12 History Free Pdf Download

NCERT Solutions For Class 12 History: Students can download NCERT Solutions for Class 12 History in PDF for free. We have provided solutions to all questions which are given in each chapter.


The solutions for Class 12 History are available based on the curriculum of the current academic year. Our teachers have provided detailed solutions for all questions in each chapter of History of Class 12. This will help you to understand the concepts and also solve all questions given at the end of each chapter

NCERT Solutions For Class 12 History Free Pdf Download
NCERT Solutions For Class 12 History Free Pdf Download

Class 12 History NCERT Solutions Download PDF

Students can click on the subject wise links below. Refer to the latest History NCERT Solutions for Class 12 below

Chapter 1 Bricks, Beads and Bones The Harappan Civilisation
Chapter 2 Kings, Farmers and Towns Early States and Economies
Chapter 3 Kinship, Caste and Class Early Societies
Chapter 4 Thinkers, Beliefs and Buildings Cultural Developments
Chapter 5 Through the Eyes of Travellers Perceptions of Society
Chapter 6 Bhakti-Sufi Traditions Changes in Religious Beliefs and Devotional Texts
Chapter 7 An Imperial Capital Vijayanagara
Chapter 8 Peasants, Zamindars and the State Agrarian Society and the Mughal Empire
Chapter 9 Kings and Chronicles The Mughal Courts
Chapter 10 Colonialism and the Countryside Exploring Official Archives
Chapter 11 Rebels and the Raj The Revolt of 1857 and its Representations
Chapter 12 Colonial Cities Urbanisation, Planning and Architecture
Chapter 13 Mahatma Gandhi and the Nationalist Movement Civil Disobedience and Beyond
Chapter 14 Understanding Partition Politics, Memories, Experiences
Chapter 15 Framing the Constitution The Beginning of a New Era

NCERT Books for Class 12 for History have been recommended in lot of schools in India. In these books all concepts and topics have been explained in a very detailed and clear manner. As a result, students in Grade 12 should always refer to these textbooks. In other words, these CBSE NCERT History ebooks are being suggested in schools and even in various other competitive exams.

In addition, at the end of each chapter in the History Books for Class 12 lot of questions and exercises have been given. After that, students are always required to solve the questions. Above all, we have provided here the best and latest NCERT Solutions for Standard 12 for History.

After that, all solutions have been designed based on the latest NCERT textbooks issued this year. Above all, our team of expert teachers for Class 12 has developed these solutions. We are providing all solutions to NCERT questions free. You can download all solutions in PDF format.

In conclusion, you should try to solve the History Class 12 NCERT solutions by yourself. Then later compare your solutions with what we have provided. In addition, this will help you to understand all mistakes which will help you in Class 12 examinations.

Studying History is very fun and interesting. Extramarks solutions for History make it more fun for students to learn and prepare for the Class 12 History exam conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE). History as a subject for Class 12 consists of three Textbooks issued by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT) namely ‘Themes in Indian History Part 1’, ‘Themes in Indian History Part 2’ and ‘Themes in Indian History Part 3’.

These textbooks cover a wide spectrum of Historical topics regarding the development of the rich culture and heritage of our country. The books contain chapters that are followed by questions at the end. Class 12 students are expected to answer the questions and prepare for Class 12 History Board Exams. The answers require extensive readings of the chapter. The student should be well versed with the concepts introduced in the Chapter in order to find and write the answers.

History NCERT Class 12 solutions contain solved answers to questions from all the chapters included in History Textbooks. The solutions are written by top subject experts for Themes in Indian History. The answers are written in a very simple and student-friendly language. NCERT 12 class History solutions contain detailed answers with illustrations that help in a better understanding of answers. Solutions include timelines and dates that are very important from the Class 12 History Exam perspective.

NCERT 12 Class History solutions are written by experts who make sure that no extra and additional information, which is not relevant, is added to the answers. Students studying for the Class 12 History Exam often face confusion regarding the dates and places. Sometimes students face difficulties in understanding the doubts cleared by teachers in school or at tuitions.

NCERT Class 12 solutions are to make sure that no question from the chapter remains untouched. The solutions provided by Extramarks are written in a way that facilitates the learning process of Class 12 History Students. Experts writing the solutions for Class 12 History make sure that NCERT 12 Class History solutions follow a pattern set by the National Council of Education Research and Training (NCERT).

History NCERT Class 12 solutions contain answers to all the chapters from Themes in world history textbook-like ‘The Harappan Civilisation’, ‘Early States and Economics (600 BCE- 600CE)’, ‘Changes in Religious Beliefs and Devotional Texts (Eighth to Eighteenth Centuries), ‘Colonial Cities: Urbanisation, Planning and Architecture’, ‘Colonialism: Exploring Official Archives’, ‘Partition: Politics, Memories, Experiences’, etc. Extramarks guarantee sure success for Class 12 student preparing for Class 12 board Exams.

  • Identifying the learning difficulties experienced by a large number of students struggling to perform satisfactorily in the examinations.
  • Commissioning experienced writers who have been involved in teaching students who need support.
  • Discussing and deciding on the ideal structure to present each concept in the course in a manner that can be easily understood by students.
  • Focusing on presenting each concept in learner-friendly chunks so that the students improve step-by-step.
  • Trials with students who are self-reliant learners because of non-availability of support in their home environment.
  • Restructuring units on the basis of the trial results.

We are confident that such efforts will prove the fact

Frequently Asked Questions

How to download NCERT Solutions for Class 12 History in PDF ?

We have provided here the latest History solutions for class 12. In addition, you can download Grade 12 NCERT Solutions for all subjects from education learn academy free.Can these solutions be downloaded in PDF format, do I need to pay for it?

Yes, we have provided all Class 12 History Solutions of NCERT free for our students because that is easy for our Class 12 studentsI want PDF files of Class 12 NCERT solutions, How can I get them?

Above all, we have provided all solutions in PDF and can be downloaded easily. Therefore, you can download them all from our website

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