HC Verma Solutions Class 11 And 12 Free Pdf Download

Students can refer to HC Verma Solutions for Class 11 and 12 provided below. These solutions have been developed based on the latest HC Verma book for the current academic year. Please click on the links below to download the solutions in PDF format

HC Verma Solutions Class 11 And 12 Free Pdf Download
HC Verma Solutions Class 11 And 12 Free Pdf Download

HC Verma Solutions Class 11 and 12

HC Verma Solutions Vol 1

Download chapter-wise H. C. Verma Solutions PDF Book for Class 11-science Physics prepared by experts to provide ease to the students.

HC Verma Solutions Vol 2

Download free chapter-wise PDF book on HC Verma Solutions for CBSE (Science) Class 12 Physics solved by expert according to latest syllabus.

HC Verma Solutions is one of the most reputable names in the world of Physics. It is an efficient tool used by tons of students to learn the challenging concepts of Physics. The HC Verma Physics textbooks are the most complimented study material for the Class 11 and 12 science stream students. They are the masterpieces created by one of the renowned Physics professors HC Verma. The textbooks are famous for their effective content, easy-to-understand illustrations, numerous value-based problems, and relevant real-life examples. HC Verma Solutions are boon to the students appearing for competitive examinations like JEE Mains, NEET, AIIMS, etc. The textbooks cover the complete syllabus of Class 11 and 12 Physics.

HC Verma Solutions includes every chapter of Class 11 and 12 Physics, covering every minute detail with the primary objective to develop a strong conceptual base within the students. The HC Verma Solutions are the most recommended and valuable resources to crack the toughest examinations like IIT-JEE through several years. Most of the topper and experienced Physics faculties advise the students to keenly study the solutions to develop a strong problem-solving ability. The solutions illustrate the concepts and theories, starting from the fundamentals to advance.

Key Features of HC Verma Solutions

HC Verma Solutions is the most beneficial tool for engineering and medical aspirants. Here are some of the key features of HC Verma Solutions –

  • All the HC Verma Solutions are efficiently prepared by expert Physics faculty with years of experience and knowledge in the field.
  • The solutions explain each topic with relevant examples, helping the students to grasp the diplomatic concepts.
  • HC Verma Solutions are designed to meet the students’ academic requirements, helping them solve complex numerical problems in a breeze.
  • All the chapters are presented in the most easy-to-understand language, according to the standards of Class 11 and 12.
  • The solutions depict the best explanations with simple real-life examples making learning easier.
  • The solutions are strategically represented to help the students smoothly go through the topics and questions.
  • The fundamentals of Physics are effortlessly explained with short solutions that present a vivid view of the concepts of Physics and enhance their thinking capabilities.
  • HC Verma Solutions drags the students into a new world of Physics, its concepts and learnings.
  • The solutions present a wide range of problems ranging from the simplest to the diplomatic ones. Effectively solving all the questions helps the students to grasp the logic of Physics.

Reference Book Solutions

HC Verma Physics Part 1 and 2 Solutions

HC Verma Solutions is a masterpiece in the world of Physics. It is the ultimate stairway to reach the highest rank in the examination for engineering and medical aspirants. It strengthens the foundation of Physics and instills keen knowledge of its concepts within the students. Its in-depth illustrations help the students to dismantle complex questions into simple solutions.

Since Physics is one of the most challenging subjects for the Class 11 and 12 students, they must stress to grasp all the topics. The subject is all about definitions, concepts, formulas, their application in the numerical. Therefore, these solutions help elevate the candidates’ thinking and problem-solving skills, helping them secure the best marks in the examinations.

The HC Verma Solutions are divided into two sections – 1 & 2. The solutions sum up to highlight a total of 47 important Physics chapters.

Quick Glimpse of the Chapters in HC Verma Solutions

Chapter 1 to 14: Gives insight about Mechanics.

Chapter 15 to 17: These chapters explain the various aspects surrounding the Waves.

Chapter 18 to 22 – These chapters highlight different concepts regarding Optics.

Chapter 23 to 28 – All these six chapters sum up to present an insight into Thermodynamics.

Chapters 29 to 40: These chapters explain about Electric and Magnetic Phenomena.

Chapter 41 to 47: These chapters push the students into the world of Modern Physics and its concepts.

HC Verma Solutions Part 1

HC Verma Solutions Volume 1 contains a total of 21 chapters, portraying the basics of Physics. It covers the Class 11 Physics CBSE syllabus. In every competitive examination, around 60% of the Physics questions are asked from the Class 11 syllabus. Therefore, the students must have a firm grip on these topics.

This volume of HC Verma Solutions contains some of the most important Physics chapters such as Kinematics, Forces, Friction, Work and Energy, Motion, Mechanics, Types of Waves, Light, and many more. With HC Verma Solutions studying these topics is must easier and convenient. By solving the bucket full of questions provided by the solutions, the students can increase their chances of getting selected in the competitive examination.

HC Verma Solutions Part 2

Part 2 of HC Verma Solutions contains a total of 25 chapters. The part includes several crucial chapters of Physics such as Heat, Kinetic Theory, Calorimetry, Thermodynamics, Current, Gauss’s Law, Magnetic Field, Bohr’s Model, Semiconductors, the theory of Relativity, and many more.

Part 2 basically levels up the difficulty and is typically advanced Physics. If the students face any complexity in solving the problems, they can refer to HC Verma Solutions for instant guidance.

Why Study from the HC Verma Solutions?

Studying from HC Verma Solutions has countless benefits for the engineering or medical aspirants as well the Class 1 and 12 science students. Here are some of the reasons why HC Verma Solutions are the best study material for Physics –

HC Verma Solutions presents tons of questions – To master a topic, it’s essential to solve numerous questions on it. The solutions are concise and present the most critical questions that have the maximum probability of appearing in the examination.

The solutions are the ultimate tools for revision – Revision is the key to score well in the examinations. The easy-to-understand explanations in the solutions help to polish the learnings of the students before the examination.

The answers in the solutions are 100% accurate and cover every concept – The solutions are precise and clear-cut to understand. Rather than mugging up those concepts, you can understand all the topics in no time with the solutions. All the answers are correct and presented in the simplest manner.

Books are considered the best permanent partner in student life, and it is assumed that the books acknowledge the best in us. They perform a significant role in guarding the moral and academic path in students’ life. Books are the unique imaginary world that consists of plenty of joyful things filled with knowledgeable values. Books envisioned the world beyond our imagination that enhances the concentration power of students’ minds.

Books inspire students to learn more and build concepts using hard work with courage and hope. It makes us apply this theoretical knowledge in practical analysis and be a member of human welfare. It encourages the student to grasp complete information, improve memory and build a precise understanding of the principles and theorems.

Importance Of HC Verma In 11th and 12th Class:

Similarly, the HC Verma division plays a principal role in developing analytical skills and improving students’ thinking ability to find solutions to problems. This text amplifies student understanding that further enhances their academic performance. This book makes students modest, compassionate and also increases student confidence.

It is written by an IIT professor focusing on covering good quality content so that secondary students clear their concepts thoroughly. Students find the introduction to physics with conceptual examples to enhance their imagination and creativity.

Students gain theoretical knowledge in easy language accompanied by extensive explanations with processed examples. This book explains the numerical concept, and it opens the student minds to solve all relevant questions in all reference frames.

One objective of this book is to explore conceptual clarity. Another target is framing the questions based on board and competitive exams and utilising this concept in the national entrance exam.

This physics textbook aims to train students for competitive exams such as JEE, NEET and presents a question bank that boosts confidence. Taking a step forward, it can be stated that many questions are so challenging that, if left to themselves, students can sit for hours researching their solutions. So, to understand this book, the student must clear the basics of the concept from the starting point and then dig deeper to explore this area. 

By going through every question, students learn innovative things, an inner eagerness to solve more, and motivation which opens the gate for future scopes. The questions set up are in ascending mode from easy to hardest by giving both core explanation and farthest reasoning. It indicates the actual preparation analysis, and solving all questions also increases positive thinking in students’ minds.

This book explores six primary areas- Mechanics, Waves, Optics, Thermodynamics, electric or magnetic phenomena, and Modern physics. It plays a significant role for 11th or 12th students in succeeding qualify prestigious IIT exams. Moreover, it is very useful for students who want to study abroad.

The questions given in the book are crucial in getting a good rank in IITs and secure admission to reputed colleges. The previous problems in JEE exam are relatable to concepts taught in the HC Verma book.

Students can solve these previous JEE questions by practising a wide range of problems, leaving no scope for confusion. Its easy language, well-depicted formula, and equations are rooted deeply in students’ minds and spread the power of knowledge with real examples.

It is considered the best book for engineering aspirants. The mechanics part plays a critical role in understanding classical mechanics, which provides the base for the new technology of the modern world. It helps young engineers to evolve new devices and become a dominant element in the development of India. It involves concepts that are the very beginning of the principles which govern the operation, testing, and maintenance of mechanical systems handled by multi-skilled engineers.

HC Verma provides an easy doorway for budding engineers to be a part of this oldest branch. HC Verma is also focused on modern physics to understand the science well. Its importance in the current technological aspect prepares students for independent studies and allows them to grasp the modern quantum and practically apply it in fieldwork.

HC Verma’s concepts deal with a foundational base with an in-depth explanation that causes students to dream of becoming engineers with many innovative ideas. The importance of electric circuits is the foremost step to understand for young learners in current electricity. This book contains numerous electric diagrams representing the leading stairs to reach the farthest point and become a multi-skilled engineer.

Physics HC Verma Volume 1 book for 11th students:

Many students consider physics as the most puzzling subject which needs constant attention to excel. But in reality, it is an imaginative subject for students to accentuate their logic and apply numerous formulas, equations, graphs, and conceptual explanations all at the same time. Students find it difficult to explore this area as it is a deeper branch of science with no ending point. Physics-based on the conceptual exercise, if students miss one concept, it becomes difficult to grasp the next one.

This subject resembles the climbing set of stairs by not skipping even a single stair while making the efforts needed to succeed. The act of missing even a single step leads to confusion, making it difficult to solve this maze. It is a subject that requires a lot of practice and uses various methods of understanding maps and graphs.

HC Verma makes this subject fascinating and is considered the BIBLE for 11th JEE aspirants. HC Verma is a challenging book because it contains higher level numerical problems, but it also covers the primary area to surmise every chapter thoroughly.

HC Verma for the 11th class systematically prepares chapter content, covering multiple-choice questions to the most difficult-level numerical problem. Many students appreciate its easy language,

which helps to build enthusiasm and interest for studying more. For 11th students, it is a core requirement to explore deeper and get in-depth knowledge of each chapter. This book consists of a few introductory lessons that help students to develop mathematical aspects combined with new techniques.

It covers the subheading of each chapter with well-depicted situations to increase curiosity level and boost confidence in solving every problem. HC Verma embraces some modern methods that enable students to develop creative ideas for future aspects.

HC Verma introduces the lesson step by step. Students must start reading the book from the first chapter and gradually move systematically to increase their understanding. If students try to choose a random lesson, they will miss out on the relevant concepts. In much of the chapter, though, the author attempts to build a solid foundation for 11th class students to relate the concept with practical application.

Students first must go through the theoretical area and then apply it as a practical approach. One advantage of this book is that it contains various numerical solutions and Aakash HC Verma Solutions explain the step-by-step way to solve these numerical problems. These solutions help greatly in competitive exams to fix their previous mistakes in the next question.

This book is recommended for 11th graders to draw out the fear from physics and start enjoying it as a fun subject by revising chapters repeatedly. All the mathematical approaches are used constantly in board exams as well as in JEE national level competitions. At the end of the chapters, it includes a mix of problems with their answers organised sequentially from the entire syllabus. In 11th class, it is necessary for each student to better grasp every concept and take an interest in solving each question.

HC Verma opens up a unique world of concepts and practical problems for students to become an engineer and this recommended book helps relieve this tremendous boundary between their concepts and practical applications. Its consistency, simplicity, and core reasoning make students’ minds strengthen and develop analytical thinking.

Physics HC Verma Volume 1 book for 11th students:

A) Examples- Examples are a way of leaving an ever-lasting impression on students’ minds. With examples, students can relate to theoretical learning and apply it in their day-to-day life. The 11th class is the beginning of innovative ideas, and the curiosity level is much higher than students of lower classes.

Therefore, 11th students must imagine out of the box and expand their creative or analytical skills and, for this, HC Verma books perform a leading role in 11th class student’s life to absorb the core logic of physics by providing relatable examples. HC Verma’s books include a list of examples of each topic and combine it with different situations, which helps students build a solid framework of concepts and their applications. Furthermore,

HC Verma has situational questions for 11th class students to grasp basic concepts, which further becomes a foundation for higher studies. It also combines unusual reasoning questions that demand the students to examine sincerely and apply their knowledge combining more than one concept in solving problems.

B) Numericals- For 11th class students, it is necessary to know the derived formula and the steps to solve problems. It is the key parameter for 11th students to understand both Physics or mathematical approaches.

Grasping the numerical concept is critical because there may be a different formula with slightly different constants and variables that need time consideration. All of which depends on assumptions or conditions related to that particular situation.

Therefore, students must practice numerical problems and increase the time speed to avoid such unfortunate situations. Numericals problems prepare students for board exams as well as for competitive exams for future reference. By solving numericals in the multiple- choice section, students can learn the elimination process and understand the fundamentals of each chapter.

C) Multiple Choice Questions- 11th class students must learn self-managed learning. MCQ can be useful for the stimulation of memory cells and formative assessments. These questions improve students’ memory and their perception of the quality of their learning. It is strongly associated with recalling the discrete facts behind these questions.

11th class students must be aware of practising these questions to understand the concept. This recalling ability helps students in further higher studies. HC Verma designs MCQ tests to assess creative thinking and higher-order cognition. It helps students develop core reasoning of concepts. The students of the 11th class learn the fundamentals from here and apply them during higher studies or competitive exams. At the end of the chapter, a list of MCQs is mentioned from all topics covered in the chapter from start to end.

4) Reasoning question- Reasoning questions evaluate claims that correlate to their supporting arguments and evidence. Students delve deeper into their minds to link the concepts learnt to practical applications. For 11th class students, answering reasoning questions has a positive and fundamental impact on students’ lives.

Students develop comprehending, evaluating skills and accept claims and arguments, which is required in higher studies. Students learn to analyse the learned concept, and these skills are crucial for a science student.

This book consists of numerous reasoning questions from each chapter according to the NCERT syllabus and the competitive exam syllabus. Students go a long way to understand the usefulness of these questions, increasing practical practice. The learned concept from these questions conveys a more inclusive and accurate account of the various perspectives in this field.

HC Verma Volume 1 solutions of physics are acknowledged as a notably helpful resource for both board exams and competitive levels. It is a treasure for students preparing for competitive exams as it provides a slightly easier path to understanding and strengthening their physics concepts. In addition, these solutions provide full access to answers with well- represented explanations.

Highlights of the Aakash HC Verma solutions for class 11 th :

  • HC Verma, professor of prestigious college IIT, formulated the ideal questions for every chapter following a pattern of most effortless to most troublesome problems to aid in better conceptual understanding and retention. The Aakash HC Verma part 1 Solutions by expert teachers at Aakash help the students with answers whenever they get stuck in a problem.
  • It clarifies all doubts in detail, providing an understanding of a complex topic most efficiently by providing detailed and concept backed answers to all the questions in the book.
  • The solutions are easy to understand due to the stepwise explanation, which is ideal for matching the student’s capability.
  • The main objective is to increase the learning capacity of students, evaluating their understanding, the memory of information, analytical thinking, and ability to solve problems.
  • Since physics is mostly all about solving numerical problems, it also answers numerous short, multiple-choice, conceptual question approaches for learning the basics and gaining scientific insights.

These solutions prepare to score optimum marks in competitive exams. Its uniformity and consistent language neglect all scope for confusion. This solution is designed to serve every student, regardless of IQ, with precise information and knowledge in simple, straightforward language. HC Verma Solutions Volume 1 for 11th students is developed to improve the quality of learning as you attempt this self-assessment exercise and master the basic techniques of solving complex problems. After extensive research of every section, the teachers have compiled these solutions containing relevant and authentic information. These solutions help students go through the curriculum value in minimum time.

HC Verma physics solutions volume 1 comprise of:

HC Verma Volume 1 comprises 22 chapters that cover most of the Physics in class 11 th syllabus. These Chapters include Kinematics, Fluid Mechanics, Gravitation, Friction, Laws of Motion, Light Waves, Optics, Work and Energy, SHM, Circular Motion, etc.

The students can readily download the solutions PDF and apply it to attain the correct answers to all the questions in the book. Moreover, this book comprises the main section of problems asked in competitive exams based on covered topics in the eleventh standard syllabus.

The primary portion of the book focused on gulping all the MECHANICS problems which deal with motion or the rest of objects. The three types of mechanical problems include- classical, quantum, or statistical, with their derivation used in all set problems.

The practical importance of the lesson hardly requires demonstration and compiles intellectual concepts to study classical mechanics. About 30% of questions in competitive exams are from mechanics, which helps the student reset the schedule and focus intensely on this area. This topic further includes kinematics or dynamics. The kinetics part explains an object’s motion or rest state, where the Dynamics section focuses on momentum and three universal motion laws.

Chapter-wise HC Verma Physics solution volume 1 includes:

The next dominant area includes detail of types of WAVES and their characteristics. Waves comprise light and sound waves that play a dominant role in doing any life activity. Three types of waves cover the chapter. They include- Mechanical waves, matter-wave, and electromagnetic waves.

It introduces students to some basic terms like wavelength, amplitude, wave velocity, period, and relation. It consists of general equations of progressive waves and the factors that influence them. Students explore many effects that occur due to the progression of waves depicted in numerical problems, reasoning questions and MCQs.

This Volume 1 further discusses OPTICS representing the branch of physics that deals with light and its behavioural pattern. Students familiarise themselves with properties of light- reflection, refraction, or dispersion followed by numerical analysis. Students will understand the significance of waves and analyse the optical diagram.

The chapter also has a comparative tabulated list of properties of a wave. Finally, this volume briefly mentions the optics-related numerical problem that designates the base for students interested in modern physics.

Moreover, other topics are also systematically present, like photometry, mechanical properties of matter and gravitation. Their modern application followed by conceptual questions are well explained in this volume. Volume 1 consists of a major section that is asked in competitive exams. Without clearing concepts of volume 1, it’s been difficult for competitors to qualify for national level exams because volume 2 also uses concepts learnt here. Contenders need adequate preparation or practice of numerical problems for acquiring the skills of time management.

This volume 1 comprises Physics Concepts necessary for students attempting to qualify for competitive exams in medicine and engineering. In addition, these chapters serve as theoretical and conceptual guides for a wide range of topics presented in higher studies.

Physics HC Verma volume 2 for 12th class:

In 12 th , Physics becomes the most challenging subject for students because the pressure on students is at peak for scoring well inboard or competitive exams. The subject also brings in modern concepts in nature and are the basis of the technologies being currently used. But this temporary pressure is not much of an issue as it all depends on students’ efforts in knowing the subject. This volume can be more manageable if you are familiar with the fundamental topics studied in the 11th class.

Physics requires concentration power for understanding the concepts rather than cramming answers. Physics demands a lot of attention and preparation to grasp concepts thoroughly. The study load increases tremendously, and that becomes the main reason to see physics as the most troublesome subject unless it becomes the most logical subject when you are regularly studying for 2 hours. As students finally reach this level, Physics now seems simpler as it contains some interesting and curious topics that influence students to explore further. The practical knowledge makes it quite easier to comprehend the fundamentals and relates to the theoretical approach. Objective type questions and worked out examples force the student to go deeper into the concepts.

Scoring well in the 12th class will boost students’ confidence and, HC Verma is intended to help students in this context. HC Verma Physics solutions volume 2 are recommended for students because of its unique content, clear-cut explanations, real-life conceptual problems, and vast situational interlinking.

HC Verma Solutions by the Aakash Institute are much- admired study material among students preparing for both boards and competitive exams. The experienced faculty write it at Akash, who aim to make physics enjoyable for students to examine this field by applying their creative ideas. It is recommended to follow the solutions PDF and focus on this book because it can help you efficiently acquire clarity of concept and be a problem solver. The book further explains all the advanced physics concepts used in modern physics with excellent diagrams.

HC Verma consists of a wide range of numerical problems followed by situational concepts which take students’ preparations from basic to higher levels needed in competitive exams. It is considered the foremost study tool of physics as it contains real-life phenomena with high- grade illustrations. The experts who have prepared the solutions for HC Verma volume 2 aim to help students achieve their dreams of becoming engineers and doctors. The biggest help is given in numerical problems by giving a proper step-by-step explanation of concepts.

This book HC Verma is recommended for 12th students because of its precise questions, straightforward concepts, and practical interlinking, building a solid framework for learners. Moreover, it is helpful for those contenders who are aiming to prepare for competitive exams and score the highest rank. With such wondrous study material, students never lose their focus; besides this, they gain more interest in such curious topics to find the exact answers. HC Verma offers precise knowledge of every concept and maintains competition by maintaining the standard of knowledge.

Highlights of Aakash HC Verma physics solutions for volume 2 includes:

  • The experts have prepared these solutions to assist students in engineering and medical aspects.
  • These solutions comprise answers to different numerical problems, which intensifies their question-solving ability.
  • It would enable students to have conceptual accuracy and acquire a keen interest in understanding the reason behind natural phenomena seen in day-to-day life.
  • These solutions clarify the advanced principle of modern science with unique illustrations.
  • There is a vast category of questions available for practice and to achieve higher-level knowledge for various assessments.
  • These solutions also comprise Multiple choice questions to get a practice of questions asked in competitions.
  • Uniformity and consistent language are a plus point for students to understand the subject thoroughly.
  • It makes fundamentals easy by presenting firm and short solutions.
  • HC Verma solutions also cover objective type II questions, which is more than one answer correct for practising this category of questions to enhance problem-solving skills.

HC Verma: Better for board exams?

HC Verma is an ideal book for an infinite number of reasons. First, it is the most approved asset for the physics of board exams. Second, it is recommended for students who are aiming to score big percentages in board examinations.

HC Verma is not based on the NCERT norms, but it asserts its importance by covering all the simple principles followed by real-life examples like no other book. All the numericals are well furnished to understand complicated concepts. Both subjective or objective questions are well-organised to specify the appropriate concept involved and cover all the ideas. Students can go through all the questions that are more than enough to prepare for boards.

The HC Verma Physics Volume 2 for 12th students comprises:

a) Conceptual or numerical problems- Numerical reasoning ability is one of the most relevant criteria in the scoring highest rank. HC Verma volume 2 comprises varied numerical problems and conceptual questions to achieve the ability to analyse graphs and problem- solving methods helpful in competitive and board exams.

By solving these questions, students’ level of concentration or speed in examinations increase. Along with developing critical thinking, this numerical reasoning ability also develops concept interpretation and manipulation of the data to form a stable foundation of concepts. Furthermore, by solving conceptual problems in the form of a multiple-choice section, students can learn how to eliminate and comprehend each chapter’s fundamentals.

b) Practise questions and examples- After completing every chapter, HC Verma consists of various practise questions and worked-out-example problems to students practise and apply the previous knowledge in solving these questions. Multiple attempts of these questions help students to revise the entire chapter and easily memorise it.

HC Verma designed these questions to provide a trial run before the exam to furnish the student with an original paper feel. The principal purpose of these questions is to inculcate some self-analytical capacity and confidence in the students. For competitive exams, it is key to remembering all that you have studied. HC Verma prepares students to face the trickiest questions from the entire syllabus. The candidates can work on their weak points via these problems and turn them into strengths.

HC Verma Physics Solutions Volume 2 :

This volume 2 solutions consist of answers to 25 chapters, including significant lessons like Heat, thermodynamics, electric field, capacitors, gauss law, AC, Magnetism, Nucleus and Bohr’s model, etc. The Aakash HC Verma solutions are well represented by theoretical concepts, derived formulas, practical application, or real-life situational analysis.

Since physics is all about concepts, techniques, and practical knowledge, HC Verma Solutions makes it possible for students to understand real Physics depth. Students can instantly download the pdf so that they can compare the right solution. A considerable percentage of questions comes in competitive exams from the section covered in the second volume of HC Verma.

HC Verma solutions volume 2 consists of three dominant areas in which all chapters categorised it. Thermodynamics comprises six major chapters that deal with the temperature or heat exchange concept and the exchange of matter as well in some cases. This chapter’s centre of attraction introduces Thermodynamic law and its application in the real-life use of thermodynamics. It moreover highlights the thermodynamic properties of the system or surroundings. HC Verma briefly explains the conceptual questions related to thermodynamics law which have a greater chance of appearing in competitive exams.

HC Verma consists of numerous examples so that students can link them to daily life. Students get to know about the various experiments and the concept of system surroundings interaction to thoroughly understand the practical approach. This chapter focuses on the exchange of heat due to work done by the system or by the surrounding or change in the internal energy of the system.

Another vital area of this volume focuses on electricity and magnetic phenomena. The section comprises 12 chapters and is considered the fascinating section in class 12th. HC Verma covers several examples and students’ activities of generating current and its relation with the magnetism to make it more appealing. In this section,

the book and the solutions by the Aakash Institute focus on explaining concepts of the generation of current and the movement of electrons in this electric field. This section deals with the properties of conductors, semiconductors, and insulators in conducting electricity.

This segment further elaborates on the basic law of magnetism and demonstrates various experiments to analyse conceptual thinking. Thus, students can have in-depth knowledge of this chapter and how these properties are linked to our day-to-day life. The electricity chapters reveal the electron movement, whereas the magnetism section focuses on the magnetic force produced by moving charge. HC Verma illustrates diagrams to embed the concepts in student’s minds forever.

Volume 2 further discusses MODERN PHYSICS, which comprises seven chapters representing current techniques in a simplistic manner. This lesson explores and clarifies the concept to explain the photoelectric effect and how photons are involved in this phenomenon. From this section, HC Verma solutions focus more on numerical as it forms a vital part of these concepts. The chapter adequately explains the postulates of Bohr’s model, followed by its limitations. HC Verma involves various multiple-choice questions on semiconductor devices which helps students to memorise this chapter quickly.

This volume further highlights the key point of the special theory of relativity to understand the mysterious relation between space and time. HC Verma’s purpose to include modern physics in this volume is to increase student’s awareness about the advanced techniques or theories used in the engineering branch and recent applications widely used in this sector.

Moreover, other topics are also explained systematically, like the Kinetic theory of gases, heat, calorimetry, thermal effects of electric current, permanent magnets, and x-rays. Situational analysis problems followed by conceptual questions is well explained in this volume 2. Without clarifying concepts of volume 2, it’s been difficult for aspirants to qualify for national-level exams with good rankings. Aspirants need to prepare or practice varieties of numerical problems for acquiring speed and accurate solving ability. This practice becomes a key to cracking competitive exams in a limited time.

This volume and the solution provided by the Aakash institute is the best package and the ideal deal to qualify for competitive exams in medicine and engineering. Students can readily download the solution PDF, use them to find out the correct answer, and compare the mistakes to memorise it.

Chapter-wise HC Verma physics volume 2 solutions for 12 th class:

Chapter 23 – Heat and Temperature
Chapter 24 – Kinetic Theory of Gases
Chapter 25 – Calorimetry
Chapter 26 – Laws of Thermodynamics
Chapter 27 – Specific heat capacities of gases
Chapter 28 – Heat Transfer
Chapter 29 – Electric Field and Potential
Chapter 30 – Gauss’s Law
Chapter 31 – Capacitors
Chapter 32 – Electric current in conductors
Chapter 33 – Thermal and Chemical Effects of Electric Current
Chapter 34 – Magnetic Field
Chapter 35 – Magnetic Field Due to Current
Chapter 36 – Permanent Magnets
Chapter 37 – Magnetic Properties of Matter
Chapter 38 – Electromagnetic Induction
Chapter 39 – Alternating Current
Chapter 40 – Electromagnetic Waves
Chapter 41 – Electric Current Through Gases
Chapter 42 – Photoelectric Effect and Duality of Wave Particles
Chapter 43 – Bohr’s Model and the Physics of the Atom
Chapter 44 – Radiographs
Chapter 45 – Semiconductors and Semiconductor Devices
Chapter 46 – The Core
Chapter 47 – The Special Theory of Relativity

Frequently Asked Questions on HC Verma:

Ques-1 Why HC Verma’s solutions are important for exam preparation?
Ans- HC Verma solutions are significant because they consist of conceptual questions, reasoning questions, and numerical problems, which help the student analyse the exam pattern and reset the schedule in preparing exams. HC Verma is a gem for students who want to excel in their studies and drive their dreams to the best college for their fields. To clarify the concept, students first thoroughly need to understand the concepts given in the book and then delve deeper into HC Verma solutions. The solutions contain answers to practice problems related to both boards as well as competitive exams.

Ques-2 How many Volumes of HC Verma are there?
Ans- HC Verma physics solution consists of two parts- volume 1 or volume 2. Volume 1 deals with kinetics, mechanics, waves, optics, and some other relevant sections, consisting of a majority of questions in competitive exams makes it a dominant section of the syllabus to cover thoroughly for scoring higher All India rank. Volume 2 deals with electric or magnetic effect, thermodynamics, modern physics, etc., and has more applicative topics and is crucial to the present technological scenario. Both sections are dominant and necessary to qualify for the exams and form a base for higher-level studies.

Ques-3 Who prepares HC Verma Solutions, and what are the key highlights of the HC Verma solutions?
Ans- Experienced faculty members prepare these physics solutions at the Aakash Institute. Both volumes had written in simple language, straightforward explanation of concepts, numerous problems for practices, and situational analysis problems. These solutions also consist of multiple-choice questions based on JEE, NEET level. It is also based on the 11 th and 12 th curriculum to help students prepare for board exams for the 12th class and further competitive examinations.

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