Class 12th Mathematics CHAPTER WISE Important Questions For Boards Exam 2024

Class 12th Mathematics CHAPTER WISE Important Questions: Hello Dear Student I have worked very hard to create the most important questions for Class 12th mathematics. My name is Hemant, and I am the owner of this site. I have been working for 15 days to prepare notes for both mathematics and social studies. That’s why I haven’t been posting on the site for so long.


I was concerned about all of your exams and I felt that I should do something for everyone. So, I have put in a lot of effort to create CHAPTER WISE Important Questions for mathematics, and I will post the most important questions for Social science after this post. I have covered all the questions, read all 15 chapters Deeply, and I read question papers from the past 20 years.

It was quite challenging, but with the help of my friend who is a topper, I managed to do it. I have ensured that the most frequently asked questions are accurate. To verify this, I showed them to CBSE teachers, and they also gave a good review, awarding it 5 stars. Now, I will share the PDF link without further delay.

I just wanted to tell you all that I have left all my work aside and written this post for all of you. I hope you find my hard work valuable and share it. According to Google’s guidelines, I am writing this introduction, and then I will provide you with the direct link to each chapter. I don’t have much time as my exams are coming.

Class 12th Mathematics CHAPTER WISE Important Questions Pdf Download

I am uploading direct download link Click on link Direct Downloads Pdf

1: Relations and FunctionsClick Here to Download40
2: Inverse Trigonometry FunctionsClick Here to Download35
3: MatricesClick Here to Download55
4: DeterminantsClick Here to Download40
5: Continuity and DifferentiabilityClick Here to Download65
6: Application of DerivativesClick Here to Download40
7: IntegralsClick Here to Download38
8: Application of IntegralsClick Here to Download45
9: Differential EquationsClick Here to Download39
10: Vectors and AlgebraClick Here to Download40
11: Three Dimensional GeometryClick Here to Download42
12: Linear ProgrammingClick Here to Download38
13: ProbabilityClick Here to Download40

Thank you, and best of luck with your exams!

Class 12th Mathematics CHAPTER WISE Important Questions For Boards Exam
Class 12th Mathematics CHAPTER WISE Important Questions For Boards Exam

Mathematics Chapterwise Important Questions For Class 12th Boards Uploaded Below ✨❤️

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