Class 10 Mathematics (MICRO) Mega MASTER Paid Formula Sheet Free pdf download

Class 10 Mathematics (MICRO) Paid Mega MASTER Formula Sheet Free pdf download: very good book if you are preparing for jee, neet, kcet , comedk or any other compitative exam. It’s like a pocket formula sheet. It has covered all the formulas of class 10th and 12 ncert.

my opinion: It’s a very awesome book for doing revision in very less time with accuracy…… It consist of all the valuable points , formulas and graphs…. Reading thoroughly this book 2-3 times will help in directly choosing the correct option during exam…

Class 10 Mathematics (MICRO) Mega MASTER Paid Formula Sheet Free pdf download
Class 10 Mathematics (MICRO) Mega MASTER Paid Formula Sheet Free pdf download

— All Concepts and Formulas Covered According to 2022-23 CBSE Latest Syllabus


  • 1. Pyq’s
  • 2. Related questions with hints to answer
  • 3. How to attempt question to score good (include one page in notes)
  • 4. Diagram to understand easily.
  • 5. Mind maps
  • 6. Includes (rk singla , poonam Gandhi and subhash dey) concept and things in notes. And also other youtuber notes(rajat arora) This makes notes outstanding


  1. Important Points Highlighted
  2. PYQs Marked
  3. Quick Revision
  4. NCERT Booklet for Quick Revision


  1. Best Notes For Class 10th School Examination.
  2. Based on NCERT
  3. Complete NCERT Theory Summarized
  4. Illustration Examples Included
  5. Complete Commerce Notes.

Class 10 Mathematics (MICRO) Paid Mega MASTER Formula Sheet pdf download


The proper strategy to study the subject PCM and get full marks is depicted below

  1. If you want a deep understanding of the concepts go through some reference books like the which I used schand lakhmir singh and Manjit Kaur science book series for class 10. Trust me won’t be needing a teacher if you read those books thoroughly
  2. Now after reading those books start reading your ncert. Once you go through the reference books, ncert would be a child’s play for you
  3. Note making is required from the lakhmir books
  4. And now when you have completed the full syllabus just purchase Arihant class 10 science sample paper of the respective year.
  5. Then revise all the chapter once and start practicing through the sample paper
  6. Don’t go for Oswal sample paper Arihant is best for boards point of view asni also chosen it for tow years that is in class 9 and tenth as well.
  7. Then when you have completed the preparation. Just go through the previous year 2 o 3 years back papers

NCERT is a must.. to read never ignore ncert never

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