33 Days Challenge Class 10 Final Revision Book Social Science Pdf Download 2024

33 Days Challenge Class 10 Final Revision Book Social Science Pdf Download: The questions in the book, the content, the cover page, and the paper quality – all these aspects are truly awesome! πŸ‘ŒπŸ» I loved the book πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ». An excellent resource for Class 10 students, the free tips are very interesting and helpful. It’s easy to understand, and there are many things to learn from it. The book for all three subjects is amazing.”


I wish I had this last year! Akshay bhaiya has packed everything I struggled to find from various sources into this masterpiece. I deeply respect him for helping us last year and now presenting the ’33 DAYS challenge’ book. It includes chapter-wise and topic-wise questions, especially those tricky ‘Competency-based questions’ marked as “COMPETENCY” for easy identification and special attention. I’ve reviewed it, loved it, and that’s why I recommend it to all of you. If You Need Because I Will Give Pdf Download it.

33 Days Challenge Class 10 Final Revision Book Social Science Pdf Download
33 Days Challenge Class 10 Final Revision Book Social Science Pdf Download

Joining the crowd is easy, but standing out takes everything. Are you still following the herd with traditional books? Or have you discovered the 33 Days Challenge By PadhleAkshay? This incredible resource organizes all essential questions and competency-based challenges in a day-wise format. It’s the go-to book where nothing crucial is left out, and there’s no unnecessary information. Personally recommended to all my friends aiming for over 99% in CBSE board exams. – Tanmay Agrawal, 99.8% (CBSE Topper)


TITLE33 days challenge class 10 pdf download
AUTHORHemant Singh
CATEGORYSchool Books
SUBJECTSocial Science

Features of Book

INDIA’s FIRST BOOK with DAY-WISE CONTENTAll Important resources are packed in this book with the best possible structure of 33 Days so that your mind is very clear about taking one day at a time, and that too CHAPTERWISE!500+ CBQs as per the Practice Paper Released by CBSEEvery question in this book has been designed by experts keeping in mind the latest CBSE pattern of Competency-based Questions with the answers containing ‘Explanation’ and ‘Free Advice’ columns!Includes 5 SAMPLE PAPERS (extra 5 on our free app- PadhleAkshay)Upon finishing the 33 day challenge, you’ll have tackled 99% of Important Questions. Now, focus on solving the provided Sample Papers to get a grip on the latest patterns!

Pros And Cons


1) It has 33 day daily targets which decrease our pressure to complete book and avoid procrastination
2) It have advices , mnemonics and they help you to learn long answers easily
3) with 5 sample papers

1) In SST and science sequel, answers of mcqs are just marked right beside to the correct options which avoid our answering skills.
It disappointed me but everything is good..

Today I have updated the post of PDF, you will not face any issue in downloading the latest one.

Class 10 33 Days Challenge Final Revision Book Social Science Pdf Download

SubjectPdf Link
ScienceClick Here to Download
MathsClick Here to Download
Social ScienceClick Here to Download (1) | Download HERE (2)

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In conclusion, the 33 Days Challenge Class 10 Final Revision Book for Social Science stands out as an exceptional resource for students. Personally, I found the book to be a fantastic aid for Class 10 students, offering not only insightful tips but also an easy-to-understand approach to learning.

The 33 Days Challenge Class 10 Final Revision Book for Social Science is a game-changer. From top-notch content to a smart day-wise layout, it’s a study companion that stands out. The cover, paper quality, and engaging tips make it awesome. Personally, I wish I had this gem last year.

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