[PDF] CBSE Class 12 XAM Idea Science Stream Latest Question Banks Free Pdf Download

[PDF] CBSE Class 12 XAM Idea Science Stream Latest Question Banks Free Pdf Download
[PDF] CBSE Class 12 XAM Idea Science Stream Latest Question Banks Free Pdf Download

CBSE Class 12 XAM Idea Science Stream Latest Question Banks Free Pdf Download: I too had given my boards this year so I think I am eligible to answer this question.


First of all you have enough time to prepare for your board exams therefore you don’t need to rely on Xam idea or any such reference books. Just go through NCERT and class notes and believe me NCERT is Bible of Boards and is everything you may require.

Secondly, scoring 50/70 in boards in not a big task and when I say so I mean it.. And yeah you may keep side books just for last minute revision and question practice.

[PDF] CBSE Class 12 XAM Idea Science Stream Latest Question Banks Free Pdf Download
[PDF] CBSE Class 12 XAM Idea Science Stream Latest Question Banks Free Pdf Download

In the educational year 2022-23 the Central Board Of Secondary Education took a historical decision of conducting board exams in 2 terms. The Term 1 exam was held in November-December 2022 whereas the Term 2 exam was held in May-June 2022.

The 1st term exam was based on MCQ pattern and the 2nd term exam was based on Subjective pattern. Such decision was taken keeping an eye on the pandemic situation due to Covid 19 in India.

But due to the declining covid cases in India, the CBSE has declared that there will no 2 terms exam, there will be only 1 final board exam in the educational year 2022-23. This final board exam will be based on both objective and subjective type questions which will be held according to the latest pattern and syllabus as released by the Central Board of secondary education (CBSE).

To crack this board exam with very good results, you have to prepare well by practicing good quality of various kind questions. For this, you need to follow books of good publishers where you can also get some sure shot questions.

The VK Publications is renowned publishers known for its best high quality books for CBSE Board exams. So, as per students demand we have uploaded XAM IDEA CBSE QUESTION BANKS for Class 12 all subjects Science Stream. 
Highlights Of The Materials:

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  • This book is based on CBSE’s new syllabus and directives (2022-2023). All of the basic concepts & NCERT Textbook’s answers are included.
  • It includes previous year board questions, Competency-based questions, and NCERT Exemplars.
  • For a full revision of the curriculum, all types of questions are offered, including MCQs, Very Short Answer Questions, Short Answer Questions-I, Short Answer Questions-II and Long Answer Questions.
  • A separate section of Competency-based Questions is given at the end of the book along with Assertion-Reason and Case-based Questions.
  • More emphasis is laid on Competency-based Questions instead of rote learning.
  • In order to help students practice and evaluate their understanding, Self Assessment questions have been given at the end of each chapter.

XAM Idea CBSE Class 12 Question Banks

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Xam Idea ChemistryDownload
Xam Idea PhysicsDownload
Xam Idea EnglishDownload
Xam Idea MathematicsDownload
Xam Idea BiologyDownload

Introduction about CBSE

Amongst all the high tier responsibilities that the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) carries out, compiling question papers for the final board examination is one of the most consequential one. However, with something so crucial comes stress to perform your best, which is why CBSE also offers Sample Papers – these question papers are modelled after the final examination question papers from previous and upcoming years.

Additional Information

HSN Code4901
Board : K12CBSE Board (NCERT)
School Books : CategoriesSample Papers & Qn.Banks
Standard/Class/YearClass 12
Subject : School BooksBiology, Science
PublisherVK Global Publications
ISBN / Product Code9789391003715
Country of ManufactureIndia

External Resources

While CBSE sample papers are self-sufficient, if a student wants more such question papers for practise while still staying close to the original pattern, they can find Model Test Papers at the end of their Xamidea’s copy.

Suggested by the name, Model Test Papers mirror CBSE’s own sample papers and are produced by the same team of subject pundits who compile the rest of our infamous guidebook. Our company standard is to stay updated and offer the best solutions, which is why our solutions will help you be on-point and our overall content will help you redeem the most out of the same resource.

To add to your preparatory zeal, Xamidea also has an app now where students can find complete e-books for all the subjects of their respective grade. Download our app to get your e-copy and try it for free for the first 7 days!

CBSE Sample Papers

Sectioned below are the subject-wise CBSE sample papers for the students. Grades 10 and 12 mark the higher secondary level of a student’s life. These two grades derive their significance from the life-changing paths that every student is introduced to here. Naturally, the pressure is on to make the right decisions and perform your best.

Our sample paper solutions are useful simply because of the value they offer. Since our team of subject-experts formulate these solutions, they are error-free and thorough. So our suggestion to you is to use them wisely to level up your preparatory spirits!

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