[PDF] CBSE Class 12th Biology Chapterwise Mindmaps Free Pdf Download

CBSE Class 12th Biology Chapterwise Mindmaps Free Pdf Download: You are surrounded with material while you study for highly competitive exams like JEE Mains, JEE Advanced, NEET UG, and CBSE Boards.


Even after you have gained some confidence in your progress and foundation, it may still be difficult for you to gather this kind of massive information inflow.

In order to organise their material and bring it to the forefront whenever necessary for the JEE Exams, students might use a variety of approaches. Tony Buzan, who invented Mind Mapping, is one of these methods.]

CBSE Class 12th Biology Chapterwise Mindmaps Free Pdf Download
CBSE Class 12th Biology Chapterwise Mindmaps Free Pdf Download

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What Is Mind Mapping?

By managing how information is processed by the brain, mind mapping is a strategy that enables you to arrange the knowledge you store and helps you learn and understand where to find it. All mind maps have the same general structure, with a centre idea or concept that gives rise to branches, each of which has its own branches.

Mind maps can be made in a variety of ways utilising different tools to “map” your ideas using lines, symbols, colours, and different forms. It only takes your creativity, a blank sheet of paper big enough to fit your map, and a few coloured pens. Making the map visually appealing makes it easier for you to recall these maps, but that does not require you to spend a lot of money.

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How To I Make A Mind Map?

The essential thing to keep in mind when constructing a mind map is to keep it as simple as you can while using various visual aids to aid with memory retention. Here are some instructions to help you make your own mind map:

  • Use a sheet in a landscape orientation (for more space) and start at the centre to emphasize the central key idea or topic. Use an image or a small illustration if possible because the brain has an easier time remembering images.
  • Try using colours as much as possible. A single colour is monotonous and is boring to the brain. For the same reason, use different types of lines to connect the key idea to the branches and another type of line connecting branches to twigs.
  • The brain works very well in associating stuff. So make sure that the concepts connected to your twigs are connected to the branches which are connected to the central idea.
  • Use symbols and images as much as you can and make your shapes appealing as well. Use cross-linking wherever required as well connect ideas with each other.

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Effective Ways To Remember Mind Maps

There are different ways to remember the mind map you have created. Some of them have been listed below:

  • Remember the keyword and let your brain form the associations.
  • Create your mind map such that it has a general shape and form branches and twigs at important places. While remembering the map, fill in all the information you remember and the remaining can be formed by association.
  • Use different colours for different branches so this will make remembering easier.

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Best Preparation Tips For Class 12th Board & Other Exams

Here, we will share the tips and tricks that can be used in board exams to score well.

1. Make a plan of action

First of all, you should make an exam preparation schedule and include time for each subject. You need to consider the CBSE exam dates for making a schedule.

You should follow this schedule and regularly revise all the topics. Doing a lot of research is necessary in order to create a standard plan of action.

2. Get acquainted with complete syllabus and exam pattern

By analyzing the complete syllabus thoroghly, you can easily identify the areas where maximum questions will be asked in the exam. You can make a list of such topics, and then separate the easier and tougher ones into sections.

3. Choose right books

You must use the right textbooks for the preparation of the exams. For CBSE students, NCERT books should be the first preference to start your preparation for board exams. You need to understand that the NCERT books are the source of every question asked in the paper. So, it is suggested to complete these books first, and then move to other reference books.

4. Make Notes

Making short notes for quick revision can really help in remembering things for a long time. You can write theorems, formulas, etc. on them. Stick these notes wherever you study, it will help in quick revision. You can divide a task into multiple sections and then complete it. In this way, you will not feel any burden.

5. Practice sample papers and question papers

You must solve the previous year question papers in order to know the level of difficulty. This will help you to keep track of your preparation. By which, you can find the weak areas and improve. Solving these papers also brings confidence, and can help in scoring good marks in exams.

6. Answer in a creative way

You must learn the art of writing answers in the exam. Subjects like Hindi and English can help in scoring well, if attempted strategically. Having the right idea of what is asked in the question is important. Try not to spend too much time on a single question. First try to answer the question you know, try to utilize the first 15 minutes of the exam to make a strategy.

Mark the questions that you can answer correctly, attempt them first and then go for other questions.

9. Write your exam properly

After preparing for the board exam, it’s time to reflect on your hard work and write the best answer possible. Doing so will help you complete the exam on time. Do not write anything irrelevant, try to write what is asked.

8. Change study plan, if required

You can change the study plan depending on how you manage time and speed. It can also be changed once you improve. It all depends on the speed of how you manage to cover the entire syllabus. Try to include short breaks in your study plan, it will keep you refreshed.

7. Time management

It is very important that you manage time properly during the exam. Doing so will help to avoid wasting any effort. Most of the time, students get carried away and start focusing on the wrong questions. Remember that the exam only has 3 hours. It’s important that you start with the questions that you can write easily.

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