Class 10 Educart Mathematics Ncert Exemplar Problem – Solutions Free Pdf Download

Class 10 Educart Mathematics Ncert Exemplar Problem - Solutions
Class 10 Educart Mathematics Ncert Exemplar Problem - Solutions

Class 10 Educart Mathematics Ncert Exemplar Problem – Solutions Free Pdf Download: The educart exemplar is a for preparing board exams as they have multiple choice,repeated questions,diksha recommend,etc. I am satisfied with the exemplar as they are the most valuable for board Exam.


These papers provide a clear idea of the type of questions that are likely to be asked in the actual examination, along with their format and marking scheme. By solving these papers, students can evaluate their own understanding of the subject and work on their weaknesses.

Additionally, practicing with Ncert Exemplar Problem helps students develop time-management skills and improve their speed and accuracy in answering questions.

Class 10 Educart Mathematics Ncert Exemplar Problem - Solutions
Class 10 Educart Mathematics Ncert Exemplar Problem – Solutions

Educart Class 10 NCERT Mathematics Exemplar Problems and Solutions is very well written, strictly based on NCERT guidelines.

“NCERT has developed Exemplar Problems in Mathematics for Class X with the objective to cover the fundamentals of all Class X topics.

This special edition of Educart Mathematics NCERT Exemplar Book for Class X Mathematics will act as the Bible for students preparing for their dream careers. India’s top CBSE teachers in collaboration with Educart Experts after a year of rigorous research and development process.

This Mathematics Educart Exemplar book is prepared by our country’s top experts, to give students a single reference book throughout the year to clear doubts.Below are the key differentiation of this Educart book:”

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Books Information

Books nameMathematics Ncert Exemplar Problem – Solutions
Pdf Size12 MB each
Pdf typegoogle drive

Features Of The Book :

  • Pictorial concepts in every chapter to establish understanding of NCERT concepts with visualisation 
  • Designed as per the latest CBSE Syllabus with special focus on New Pattern Questions
  • Important and Caution points to support simplified NCERT concepts for better understanding
  • Questions from various CBSE sources are added for extra practice
  • Detailed Explanations to explain the solved answers
  • “Related Theory” for better retention of all the topics explained in a chapter 
  • Comes with a special QR code to access 3 Solved Sample Papers and Term 2 Solved Question Paper on our website

About The Author

EduCart is a children books arm of the parent group of Agrawal Publications group.

Using latest design and content trends through our R&D office in London, EduCart has built a catalogue of high quality children books from Nursery to Class 10th that are sold pan-India.

Most of the top schools appreciate and recommend our books for their academics. The children-centric design drives the editing process of our books by some of the best experts in the country (content writers, editors and DTP experts). With such finesse in editing and publishing such exemplary books, learning has never been so fun!




Educart NCERT Mathematics Exemplar solutions are recommended by all as:

  • supported with Alternate Methods to solve questions;
  • strictly based on NCERT guidelines;
  • questions (specially MCQs) are explained in simple detail; and
  • have timestamps of past year board questions marked.

↑ Trick Applied

To help learn the thought process, many important questions of Educart NCERT exemplar have extra tips:

  • added at the end of solutions; and
  • covering the formula and method used.

Diksha Platform Questions

Extra practice questions under eVidya program of Government’s Diksha 2.0 platform:

  • are added at the end of each chapter,
  • included exclusively in Educart Maths Exemplar X only,
  • provided with detailed solutions and
  • are unique to existing NCERT exemplar questions.

Class 10 Educart Mathematics Ncert Exemplar Problem Solutions Pdf Download

Educart Mathematics Ncert ExemplarClick Here to Downlaod

Final Thoughts

We hope that you are enjoying our website’s free premium study material keep visiting keep sliming 

comment your queries in the comment section below we will try to solve your queries as soon as possible thankyou!.

While preparing to appear for any exam, practice is an aspect no one can ignore. The best way to practice your syllabus thoroughly is undoubtedly solving the sample question papers.  Solving sample question papers gives you an in-depth view of the knowledge you have already gained and determines the remaining gaps to score well in your exam. 

Solving mathematical problems from as many sample question papers as possible ensures that you score well in mathematics which is considered one of the toughest subjects. This is so because when you solve a few sample papers, you will find that the pattern of certain problems is similar, only the values are changed.

An important factor like time management can be improved by solving sample question papers. Self-assessment is something one should always concentrate on to know where you are lagging. It also helps you to develop a strategy for achieving your goals. 

All in all, solving sample question papers is a great way to prepare for your exam. They are a way to revise a vast syllabu

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