CBSE Class 12 Revision Notes, Short Key Notes

Revision Notes for class 12 Revision Notes PDF
Revision Notes for class 12 Revision Notes PDF

Free Download of CBSE Class 12 Revision Notes

CBSE Class 12 Revision Notes: CBSE is the Central Board of State Education and the NCERT conducts examinations from the syllabus for the same. CBSE Class 12 Revision Notes is one of the most important pieces of study material that students can receive as it will aid them to study better and reduce any stress that they might face during the hectic year ahead.

Education Learn Academy provides NCERT Textbook chapter wise revision notes and short keynotes for the CBSE board exam in an easy-to-understand, free downloadable PDF format so students can use it for their studies in offline mode without internet and score better in their board exams.

CBSE Class 12 Revision Notes

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Topic(As Per Prescribed NCERT Textbook)Revision Notes (Important Concept & Points)Practice Questions & Solutions
Chapter 1 – Relations and FunctionsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 2 – Inverse Trigonometric FunctionsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 3 – MatricesRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 4 – DeterminantsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 5 – Continuity and DifferentiabilityRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 6 – Application of DerivativesRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 7 – IntegralsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 8 – Application of IntegralsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 9 – Differential EquationsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 10 – Vector AlgebraRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 11 – Three-Dimensional GeometryRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 12 – Linear ProgrammingRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 13 – ProbabilityRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
CBSE Class 12 Revision Notes
Topic(As Per Prescribed NCERT Textbook)Revision Notes (Important Concept & Points)Practice Questions & Solutions
Chapter 1 – The Solid StateRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 2 – SolutionsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 3 – ElectrochemistryRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 4 – Chemical KineticsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 5 – Surface ChemistryRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 6 – General Principles and Processes of Isolation of ElementsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 7 – The p-Block ElementsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 8 – The d and f Block ElementsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 9 – Coordination CompoundsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 10 – Haloalkanes and HaloarenesRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 11 – Alcohols, Phenols and EthersRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 12 – Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic AcidsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 13 – AminesRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 14 – BiomoleculesRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 15 – PolymersRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 16 – Chemistry in Everyday lifeRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
CBSE Class 12 Revision Notes
Topic(As Per Prescribed NCERT Textbook)Revision Notes (Important Concept & Points)Practice Questions & Solutions
Chapter 1 – Electric Charges and FieldsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 2 – Electrostatic Potential and CapacitanceRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 3 – Current ElectricityRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 4 – Moving Charges and MagnetismRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 5 – Magnetism And MatterRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 6 – Electromagnetic InductionRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 7 – Alternating CurrentRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 8 – Electromagnetic WavesRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 9 – Ray Optics and Optical InstrumentsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 10 – Wave OpticsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 11 – Dual Nature of Radiation and MatterRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 12 – AtomsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 13 – NucleiRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 14 – Semiconductor Electronic: Material, Devices and Simple CircuitsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
Chapter 15 – Communication SystemsRevision Notes (PDF)Practice Que (PDF)
CBSE Class 12 Revision Notes

Biology Revision Notes of Class 12


The CBSE class 12 revision notes are made for all subjects of Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology, English Vistas, English Flamingo, Business Studies, Accountancy, Psychology, Sociology, History, Entrepreneurship, Political Science, Macro Economics, Micro Economics, Physical Education, Geography and Informatics Practices, These core subjects are very important for students and the revision notes for each chapter will enable them to have an expert studying pattern with which they can perform so much better and also enjoy learning the subject.

The CBSE revision notes for class 12th have been extensively compiled by teachers with close to 15+ years of experience and after studying the Previous 10 Year Question Papers. Further, they are all created with the latest academic year’s subject material so that any deviation in syllabus is accounted for as well.

Revision notes for class 12 for Maths, Biology, Chemistry and Physics subjects are available here. Notes are available here for all the chapters. These are prepared in downloadable PDF format, so that students can easily download and study offline as well. The notes for PCMB subjects are designed by our subject experts, keeping in mind each and every students grasping tendency. Students can easily understand from these notes and prepare for their exams. 

Revision notes for Class 12 are very useful and important because for science subjects, it is important that all questions are answered in a quick and efficient manner. By studying from these revision notes and employing sample question papers, students will no doubt be able to alleviate any tension before daily practice tests, periodic assessments, half yearly exams and main examinations as they will be well prepared in advance for their boards. Also, the free downloadable PDF format is easy to read and contains all the material, all clearly explained and in a concise manner.

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Class 12th is a board exam conducted by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The marks obtained in this class have its own significance. These marks will help students to get college or institute for their higher studies and also to get jobs in the future. Therefore, these notes were prepared for all the learners from the exam point of view. So that students of 12th can excel in the exam.

Students can also utilise the sample papers, Guess Papers and Previous Year Question Papers that provides for class 12 along with the CBSE revision notes class 12 provided. Together, students will be able to answer every type of question, both subjective and objective and aim for the best in their final year of school.

FAQs on CBSE Notes

Where do we get the best notes related to CBSE?

You can make use of the study material & notes recommended by subject experts on our page. The Preparation Related Notes can be quite handy during your preparation

How to download CBSE Notes PDF?

You can download the CBSE Notes PDF by tapping on the direct links and use them during your revision.

Can practicing CBSE Revision Notes help me score good marks?

Yes, you can absolutely score good marks by using the CBSE Revision Notes available here as they cover all the concepts.

Where can I get Classwise CBSE Revision Notes Free PDF Download?

You can get the Classwise CBSE Revision Notes and Study Material in PDF Format by using the quick links available.

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