Latest NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics Free PDF Download

NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics
NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics

The Class 11 NCERT Physics utions Class 11 Physics help you understand the basics and master the subject. Which is why Education Learn Academy brings you NCERT solutions for class 11 Physics to help you better understand and learn the subject. 


Physics is a lovely subject but can also be quite difficult to master. One of the most critical subjects in science is Physics as it deals with the various properties of matter and nature. It forms the base for many scientific subjects that students take later in life. With Education Learn Academy, we provide the CBSE Class 11 Physics NCERT solutions which are planned out to aid students to perform better.

The NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics helps you understand the basics and master the subject. We have laid out the chapters in such a way that they can be downloaded directly to your computer. You have the option of downloading either the entire syllabus or each chapter separately. With the CBSE Class 11 Physics NCERT Solutions, our teachers give you important step-by-step advice on

how to approach a certain problem and reach the solution. The solutions contain all the chapters laid out and answered by our panel of expert teachers. With many years of expertise on board-issued textbooks, they mark out important questions and give you tips on how to solve them.

It is essential that you have a good grasp on a subject like Physics as it includes plenty of formulae and fundamental concepts that form the base for your CBSE 12th grade syllabus. With the NCERT Physics class 11 solutions, you can perform better in your class and gain the necessary confidence to tackle your final year in school.

NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics PDF

Download NCERT solutions for 11th class physics in PDF form. Revision books provides a better preparation of exams after completing the NCERT books. The complete syllabus is divided into 10 units for revision. So must see these units: Unit 1Unit 2Unit 3Unit 4Unit 5Unit 6Unit 7Unit 8Unit 9 and Unit 10.

Students can click on the subject wise links below. Refer to latest Physics NCERT Solutions for Class 11 below

Chapter 2 Units and Measurements
Chapter 3 Motion in a Straight Line
Chapter 4 Motion in a Straight Line
Chapter 5 Laws of Motion
Chapter 6 Work, Energy and Power
Chapter 7 System of Particles and Rotational Motion
Chapter 8 Gravitation
Chapter 9 Mechanical Properties of Solids
Chapter 10 Mechanical Properties of Fluids
Chapter 11 Thermal Properties of Matter
Chapter 12 Thermodynamics
Chapter 13 Kinetic Theory
Chapter 14 Oscillations
Chapter 15 Waves
NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics
NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics

NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics – Free PDF Download (All Exercises are Covered with Answers)

Since Physics comes with different concepts, you are at liberty to give greater attention to the more important ones. With our NCERT Physics class 11 solutions PDF, you can choose individual chapters to download and study as well. By solving different types of problems, you get quicker at answering difficult questions. 

They say that practice makes perfect. Our NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics gives you ample practice to help you approach any problem with ease. Any changes made to the syllabus by the National Board is immediately identified, and the solution is updated for the same. 

Physics is a subject that forms one of the core elements of engineering, a route that a lot of students studying it in 11 naturally take. It is essential that you get your basics right and tackle more challenging problems later on. 

NCERT Sols for Class 11

NCERT Sols for Class 11 Maths, Physics, Chemistry and Biology are given below to study online or download. Notes and Study material for class 11 Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Business Studies and Physical Education are also given to download.

The NCERT solution for NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics is available as a free PDF download and is planned and formulated by some of the most experienced teachers in the country. They have been teaching the subject for many years and understand the type of questions which have a higher chance of occurring in the examinations.

The solutions are also updated according to the latest syllabus of the different subjects that are made at the beginning of the year. Below given are the chapter wise details of NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics.

Chapter 1 – Physical World

This chapter will help you to build a concrete foundation which in turn can help you learn further concepts of physics and its various dynamics. Different kinds of topics related to different physical forces

i.e. gravitational force, nuclear force, electromagnetic force, etc. and basic laws of physics that govern natural phenomenon shall be explained in this chapter. Different scientists’ contributions such as Faraday, Coulomb, Ampere, Newton, Oersted, and others across the globe to understand concepts will be focused.

Chapter 2 – Units and Measurement

This chapter will clear your concepts about what is a unit, base units, derived units, system of units and much more. It will help immensely help you to understand what is the need and value international system of units and how are they decided.

Various methods such as parallax method, parallax angle and other methods to measure length. One shall also learn on alternative methods to measure length and estimation of very small distances like the size of a molecule.

Chapter 3 – Motion in a Straight Line

This chapter is a part of the Kinematics and is a very interesting one. In junior classes, we all have learned about motion and its fundamental properties.

However, in this topic, you will get to know about rectilinear motion and its measurement having a detailed and technical vision. In the chapter, motion in a straight line, you will learn about the frame of reference, reference point, what is called as path length, magnitude of displacement, relative velocity, instantaneous velocity, acceleration, retardation, etc.

Chapter 4 – Motion in a Plane

In this chapter, you will learn how to measure motion in a plane and what are scalar and vector quantities. Diagrammatic representation of Derivative laws of the addition of scalar and vectors are explained in this chapter.

Topics like Position and displacement vector, multiplication of vectors by real numbers, equality of vectors, addition and subtraction of vectors through a graphical method, resolution of vectors and addition of vectors through an analytical method are some of the primary topics explained in this chapter.

Chapter 5 – Law of Motion

You have learned about the motion of a particle in space in some of the previous chapter and this chapter will move you ahead of the same. You will learn topics like how bodies move, factors that act on them, direction of force and their corresponding motion, effect of gravitation and others are explained clearly in this chapter. Since ancient times, famous physicists have studied about motion. The contribution of these physicists such as Aristotle, Newton, and Galileo to study motion is mentioned in this chapter.

Chapter 6 – Work, Energy and Power

You might be aware of the basic terms of work, energy and power as you have learned about them in earlier classes. What is different in this chapter is you will be learning the relation between these three quantities,

i.e. work, energy and power. You will also get to know Scalar product and its distributive laws taught in this chapter which is the is the foundation for further complex concepts.

Chapter 7 – Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion

This chapter explains the theoretical and mathematical part of the mentioned concepts. These concepts have been explained in a very clear and comprehensive manner for ease of students and better understanding. NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics

Chapter 8 – Gravitation

You might be aware that all objects tend to get attracted to the earth. Students are thus, aware of the basic concept of gravity, how it was discovered and the effects of the same. However, Chapter 8 of NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics, Gravitation, takes you into the depths of the concept of Gravitation. In this chapter, you will get a good grip over the technical basis of gravitation, Universal law of gravitation,

Kepler’s laws, Acceleration due to gravity of the earth, Acceleration due to gravity below and above the surface of earth, the gravitational constant, Gravitational potential energy, Earth satellites, Escape speed, Energy of an orbiting satellite, Geostationary, and polar satellites and Weightlessness. NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics

Chapter 9 – Mechanical Properties of Solids

In Mechanical properties of solids, you will study about the physical properties of solids, such as plasticity, elasticity, and others. The fundamental properties of solids are readily available to learn in this chapter.

Stress, compressive stress, tensile stress, longitudinal stress, tangential or shearing stress, shearing strain hydraulic stress, and volume strain are some of the concepts that will build the foundation for learning the properties of solids. NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics

Chapter 10 – Mechanical Properties of Fluids

In this chapter, you will study some common physical properties of liquids and gases. How are fluids different from solids? What are the common characteristics of liquids and gases? Also, the difference between gases and solids or liquids, are some of the questions

that have been answered in this chapter. Also, the effect of external forces such as pressure and tension on fluids is elucidated with the help of mathematical expressions in this chapter. NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics

Chapter 11 – Thermal Properties of Matter

In this chapter, you will learn the actual definition of heat and how it is measured. You will study the various processes by which heat flows. As you go further, you will find out the reason why blacksmiths heat the iron ring before fitting on the rim of a wooden wheel of a horse cart and why the wind at a sea beach often reverses its direction after the sun goes down.

What happens when water boils or freezes? You will learn why its temperature does not change during these processes even though a great deal of heat is flowing into or out of it. NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics

Chapter 12 – Thermodynamics

Thermodynamics is that branch of physics that deals with the ideas of heat and temperature and the inter-conversion of heat and other forms of energy. It is a macroscopic science. It deals with bulk systems and does not include the molecular constitution of any matter. In this chapter, you will study the laws that govern thermal energy and processes where work is converted to heat and vice-versa. NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics

Chapter 13 – Kinetic Theory

You will learn the behaviour of gases based on the idea that gas consists of fast-moving atoms or molecules. Kinetic Theory is being studied since the 19th century by famous scientists such as Newton, Maxwell, Boltzman, Boyle, Avogadro and others. This chapter also introduces kinetic theory. NCERT Solutions Class 11 Physics

Chapter 14 – Oscillations

Chapter 14, Oscillations, is an important and very interesting one. This is the next step after learning about rectilinear motion, projectile motion, and others in the lower grades. The study of oscillatory motion is basic to physics; the concepts of which are required for the understanding of many physical phenomena. The chapter oscillations will help us to study in detail about oscillations and oscillatory motion.

Chapter 15 – Waves

In Oscillations, you will study the motion of objects oscillating in isolation. This chapter will help you to concepts of waves and different its types. This chapter will immensely help you in the conceptual study of Transverse and longitudinal waves, Displacement Relation in a Progressive Wave, Wavelength and Angular Wave Number,

Amplitude and Phase, Period, Angular Frequency and Frequency, Speed of a Transverse Wave on Stretched String, The Speed of a Travelling Wave, Speed of a Longitudinal Wave (Speed of Sound), The Principle of Superposition of Waves, Reflection of Waves, and much more.

There are step-by-step solutions to the various problems in the textbook that ease any stress you may have before your examinations. The solution acts as the perfect guide right before your examinations as it contains details on the questions that are asked quite often. The important concepts are highlighted and explain briefly to help you cover a more significant portion of your syllabus in lesser time.

Frequently Asked Questions on NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics

Why should I choose the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics from Education Learn Academy?

The solutions from BYJU’S are extremely useful for the students to find answers for the textbook questions in one place. Most of the students find the Class 11 Physics chapters difficult at the beginning as the syllabus is vast and the concepts are new. So by choosing the NCERT Solutions from BYJU’S, students can clear their doubts and prepare for the exams with much confidence. This syllabus is also very important to crack various competitive exams like JEE and NEET apart from board exams.

Which chapter is the easiest in the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics?

If the students focus on all the concepts and work on them regularly, no chapter will be difficult. Students usually get scared by looking at the syllabus as the content is very vast. But as the syllabus is covered students will become comfortable with the subject. If any doubts regarding this subject exist, you can get in touch with the expert faculty at BYJU’S who possess many years of experience in this field. The solutions PDF can also be downloaded for free from the BYJU’S site.

Which are the chapters present in the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics?

The chapters present in the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics are –
1 – Physical World
2 – Units and Measurements
3 – Motion in a Straight Line
4 – Motion in a Plane
5 – Laws of Motion
6 – Work, Energy, and Power
7 – Systems of Particles and Rotational Motion
8 – Gravitation
9 – Mechanical Properties of Solids
10 – Mechanical Properties of Fluids
11 – Thermal Properties of Matter
12 – Thermodynamics
13 – Kinetic Theory
14 – Oscillations
15 – Waves

Is the NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics the best reference material for the students to rely on?

The NCERT Solutions for Class 11 Physics from BYJU’S can be used by the students to score well in the annual exams. The solutions cover all the concepts from the NCERT textbook intending to help students with their annual exam preparation. Every question is solved with utmost care by keeping in mind the CBSE syllabus and marks weightage allotted for each concept. So the NCERT Solutions from BYJU’S can be considered as one of the reliable reference material for the students.

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