Arihant Handbooks Latest Free Pdf Download All Subject

Arihant Handbooks Latest Free Pdf Download All Subject
Arihant Handbooks Latest Free Pdf Download All Subject

Download Arihant Handbooks pdf free for the preparation of JEE Mains and Advanced, NEET, and other competitive Exams. This Arihant book pdf can be very helpful for Aspirants preparing for IIT JEE Exams. So download Arihant JEE Mains Handbooks pdf.

Arihant Handbooks pdf is very popular among Students and Teachers for its easy-to-understand language and its theory covers all the important concepts and formulas for last-minute revision. So download the Arihant Handbooks pdf for free.

Arihant Handbooks Latest Free Pdf Download All Subject
Arihant Handbooks Latest Free Pdf Download All Subject

This Arihant handbook pdf download can also be used for preparing class 11 download and class 12. So download Arihant’s book pdf.

Highlights of Arihant Handbooks:

  • • Arihant Handbook contains only formulas and some important points.
  • • These HandBooks are helpful for last minute preparation for an Exam.The summary given for every chapter is very neat with some general models on which questions are based
  • • If you don’t have handwritten revision notes. Then Arihant HandBooks will definitely serves the Purpose because It contains important topics which are explained clearly in a simple language
  • • Arihant handbook will also provide you each and every type of twist and turns that will help you to do quick revision of the Syllabus.

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Disha Publication is one of the India’s leading publishers of print and digital learning material with strengths in school books, competitive exam books,e-books and online test series. Disha Publication has published a lot of books that caters to various competitive exams. With a history of 14 yrs, the company has been catering to the educational needs of  students by providing them the best learning materials, assessments and learning techniques. Its books are especially proved to be one of the best books for the preparation of IIT-JEE and NEET UG Examination 

That is why Today in this post we bring u Disha publication’s Ncert Extract objective books for physics chemistry biology and maths.


  • This book-cum-Question Bank spans through 28 – 38 chapters of Class 11 & Class 12. 
  • The book provides Topical NCERT ONE-LINER Notes without missing a single concept
  • NCERT based Topic-wise MCQs exactly as per NCERT Flow with GOOD amounts of MCQs
  •  In all, the book contains 5000+ High Probability MCQs specially designed to Master MCQs for NEET And IIT JEE 
  • Different types of questions are included like statement, diagram, matching ,single option, short mcqs etc. highly recommended for medical aspirants
  • Mind maps given at the starting of each chapter for quick revision


Dear Students I would like to congratulate u that u have discovering our site, Our motto is to provide free high quality study material for students preparing for jee / neet and other similar competitive exams.

A lot of Material has already been uploaded and We Also keep updating students about Exams and with study material.Kindly consider sharing so that more and more students can get benefitted.


As we all know iit jee and neet examinations is all about objective questions, So practicing these kind of questions becomes very important. In these Disha’s Ncert extract books , Topic wise objective questions are given From which you can practice at your own pace, You can complete a topic and then you can check for weak points by practicing some questions And when it comes to revising things,

you can take help of mindmaps given in the starting of each chapter But If You are looking for some book which teaches you everything in detail, You should go for a theory book first as there is no point of doing questions if you have not even studied the topic in

some detail which ofcourse is a prerequisite of this book as the name itself suggests by ” Objective ” in its title. And also if you are looking for revision books, We also have arihant handbooks and dc pandey quick book for physics. These books are especially made for revision purpose.

Arihant Handbooks Latest Free Pdf  Download All Subject

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Do Arihant HandBooks are Good for JEE Revision ?

Yes, Arihant Handbooks are good for JEE Main Revision. The book is quite small and contains the key notes and formulae. But Handbook has some limitations i.e) they do not contain everything that is needed for JEE.

Can I Completely rely on Arihant HandBooks for JEE Preparation ?

HandBooks are just for Revision Purposes only. So it is always recommended not to rely on handbooks unless you don’t have proper revision notes.

How are Arihant HandBooks for NEET Revision ?

Yes, This Series of Arihant Books are also helpful for NEET Aspirants during Revision time.

Is those HandBooks helpful for JEE Advanced Revision ?

Not So Useful, Because HandBooks will cover only limited portion. As we know, JEE Advanced is not about applying formulae, it is all about applying concepts. So no Book is Perfect when JEE advanced is Considered.

Is those HandBooks are Good for NEET Revision ?

Yes, These books becomes handy for NEET Revision.

Final Review of Arihant Handbooks:

Arihant Handbooks are multi purpose quick revision resource that contains – Key Notes, Terms, Definitions and Formulae. These books will be highly useful if students are looking for a quick revision notes for state and central board exams, Engineering Entrances like JEE Main, BITSAT, MHCET, EAMCET and Medical entrances like NEET and other similar exams like NDA,CDS, etc.

(Note that: These Handbooks contains only key concepts and basic formulae). So, These books becomes so handy if you have less time for exam preparation and even also can be used while travelling to Examination centre.

Buy HandBooks from Official Site:

Handbook of Physics
Handbook of Chemistry
Handbook of Mathematics
Handbook of Biology


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