Apni Kaksha Class 10 (PCB) Notes Science Stream Free Pdf Download

Apni Kaksha Class 10 (PCB) Notes Science Stream Free Pdf Download
Apni Kaksha Class 10 (PCB) Notes Science Stream Free Pdf Download

Apni Kaksha Class 10 (PCB) Notes Science Stream Free Pdf Download: Apni Kaksha Class X Science (Physics, Biology, and Chemistry) Premium Best Short Notes for Class 10th Including Examples+NCERT Questions Back Exercise Questions, NCERT Exemplar& Practice Questions with Solutions Complete Science Class X Notes Complete Chapters.

Apni Kaksha Class 10 (PCB) Notes Science Stream Free Pdf Download
Apni Kaksha Class 10 (PCB) Notes Science Stream Free Pdf Download

Apni Kaksha Class 10 (PCB) Notes Science Stream Free Pdf Download


Apni Kaksha Class X Science (Chemistry, Biology, And Physics) Complete Notes | Best Short Notes for School& Boards is a pdf file containing notes from the class 10 (pcb) science stream.

CHEMISTRY Notes Download

Chemical Reactions & Equations

Acid Bases, and Salts

Metals and Non-Metals

Apni Kaksha Class 10 (PCB) Notes Science Stream Download

PCB is short for polychlorinated biphenyls, a group of chemicals that were once widely used in industrial applications. In recent years, they have been banned due to their toxicity to humans and animals. However, these chemicals persist in the environment and may accumulate in food chains.

PCB levels in fish have been decreasing over time, but they still pose a risk to human health. There are two types of PCBs, Aroclor 1260 and Aroclor 1016. Both of these compounds cause cancer in laboratory animals. They can also alter brain chemistry and behavior.

PCBs are highly toxic to humans and wildlife. They can affect hormone production, disrupt endocrine systems, and damage DNA. PCBs are extremely persistent, meaning they do not break down easily. They remain in the environment for hundreds of years.

Apni kaksha class 10 (pcb) notes science stream free pdf download

CBSE is the basis for preparing for the 12 NCERT level, many other exams such as NEET, JEE Mains and JEE Advanced are also administered according to the CBSE 12 syllabus. Grade 12 revision notes are very helpful to all students during board exams as students can use these notes to quickly revise the entire CBSE syllabus. Additionally, CBSE Class 12 notes help students identify which topics are critical to the exam and require more attention to do well on the board exam.

Download apni kaksha class 10 (pcb) notes science stream free pdf download.

Class 10 Science Handwritten Notes Hindi Free Download PDF, Class 10 Science Notes Free Download. Notes contain all NCERT solutions along with examples and most important questions. Board Perspective Answers, Grade 10 Science Handwritten Notes PDF English

Handwritten Grade 10 Science Notes Free PDF Download Hindi and English Medium: Looking for Grade 10 Science Handwritten Notes in PDF? Don’t worry, you can get science notes here. We offer premium handwritten notes for all three sections, ie. H. Physics, Chemistry and Biology for your science subjects.

You can download all chapters of this book. These notes are handwritten. The writing is clean and neat. You can easily learn from these notes. We have provided a download link for the Grade 10 Science Handwritten Notes in English format. Notes are in English intermediate language. You can also download notes for Hindi media if you wish. With the help of these notes, you can do well on the exam.

Eliminating PCBs from the environment is difficult because they are very stable and don’t break down easily. They can enter water supplies through leaks in pipes, seepage from old equipment, and contaminate soil.

pni kaksha class 10 pcb More Information

If you suspect you might have eaten PCB-contaminated fish, contact your doctor immediately. They can treat any symptoms that arise from eating PCB-contaminated seafood.

You can reduce your exposure to PCBs by avoiding fish that are known to carry high amounts of the toxin.

Avoid eating shark, swordfish, king mackerel, tilefish, and marlin caught off the coasts of Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, and North America. These species often contain high concentrations of PCBs.

People who regularly eat wild game should limit themselves to small portions. Wild game contains much lower levels of PCBs compared to farm-raised animals.

To protect yourself and your family, wash all fruits and vegetables thoroughly before cooking or eating them.

Keep pets away from lakes, streams, and ponds. Never allow dogs to drink untreated runoff from agricultural land or pet food manufacturing facilities.

Use caution around chemical storage tanks. Always wear protective gear when working near hazardous materials.

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