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CBSE Notes for Quick Revision

CBSE Quick Revision Notes: One of the most important aspects when studying in class, is to take good revision notes. Students who take good revision notes generally are able to score good marks as they contain the intricacies and little details that could not be covered in the NCERT textbook being used. The NCERT is the council that conducts the CBSE board, which is a nationwide curriculum followed by millions of students in the country. Similarly, the ICSE is overseen by the CISCE. Students in both these boards have similar subjects and provides revision notes that can be used according to the students’ requirements. Revision notes can be easily downloaded in a PDF directly with the link. The revision notes are available from class 3rd to 12th for all their subjects.

CBSE Class 3 to 12 Revision Notes – Free PDF Download

NCERT Notes for Class 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 and 1 to 5 updated Curriculum for 2019-20 for UP Board (High School and Intermediate), MP Board, Gujrat Board (GSEB), Kerala Board, KSEEB, and CBSE Board. NCERT Solutions based on Latest CBSE Textbooks are available to download. Here you will find CBSE Notes. Revision Notes Help to revise the entire syllabus in short period of time. Feel free to download PDF of CBSE Class Notes and share with your friends.

CBSE Class 12 Notes

CBSE Class 11 Notes

CBSE Class 10 Notes

CBSE Class 9 Notes

CBSE Class 8 Notes – Coming Soon (🙏)

  • Class 8 Maths Notes
  • Class 8 Science Notes
  • Class 8 Social Notes
  • Class 8 English Notes
  • CBSE Class 8 English It So Happened
  • CBSE class 8 English Honeydew
  • CBSE Class 8 Hindi
  • CBSE Class 8 Sanskrit
  • CBSE Notes for Class 8 Computer in Action

Revision Notes for Class 7 – Coming Soon (🙏)

  • Class 7 Maths Notes
  • Class 7 Science Notes
  • Class 7 Social Notes
  • Class 7 English Notes
  • CBSE Class 7 Sanskrit
  • CBSE Class 7 Hindi
  • CBSE Class 7 English An Alien Hand Supplementary Reader
  • CBSE Class 7 English Honeycomb

Revision Notes for Class 6 – Coming Soon (🙏)

  • Class 6 Maths Notes
  • Class 6 Science Notes
  • Class 6 Social Notes
  • Class 6 English Notes
  • CBSE Class 6 Hindi
  • CBSE Class 6 Sanskrit

Revision Notes for Class 5 – Coming Soon (🙏)

  • CBSE Class 5 Maths
  • CBSE Class 5 EVS
  • CBSE Class 5 English
  • CBSE Class 5 Hindi
  • CBSE Class 5 Paryavaran Adyayan

Revision Notes for Class 4 – Coming Soon (🙏)

  • CBSE Class 4 Maths
  • CBSE Class 4 EVS
  • CBSE Class 4 English
  • CBSE Class 4 Hindi
  • CBSE Class 4 Paryavaran Adyayan

Revision Notes for Class 3 – Coming Soon (🙏)

  • CBSE Class 3 Maths
  • CBSE Class 3 EVS
  • CBSE Class 3 English
  • CBSE Class 3 Hindi
  • CBSE Class 3 Paryavaran Adyayan

NCERT Solutions for Class 9

NCERT Sols for Class 9 Maths, Science, Social Science (S. St.) and Hindi are given to study online. These are based on latest CBSE Syllabus for 2021-22.

Important Revision Notes for Class 6 to 12 CBSE Students

All the revision notes for CBSE have been prepared in accordance to the new academic year 2019 – 20 NCERT syllabus so that there is no confusion if changes have been made by the CBSE board. The notes have been prepared by expert teachers who have extensive experience and know exactly what is required. Further, students will be able see chapter-wise revision notes with short keynotes that could boost their preparation for Board and Entrance Examinations.

The CBSE revision notes are prepared with each concept explained in a clear and concise manner from the latest edition of the NCERT textbooks. The notes are available in a free downloadable PDF format so that students can easily refer to it whenever needed thorough The teachers who prepare these revision notes have done so after rigorously going through the CBSE previous 10 year’s question papers and then taking them down. Because of the vast amount of content present in most of the NCERT textbooks, it can be hard for students to keep up with all of it. The exam revision notes can play a role in aiding easier learning and studying methods. Students can also log on to and download it directly in a PDF format.

Revision notes for CBSE are available for 3rd-12th grade students, there are other facilities as well which will help students in getting extra marks in the classroom while also enjoying their studies.

FAQs on CBSE Notes

Where do we get the best notes related to CBSE?

You can make use of the study material & notes recommended by subject experts on our page. The Preparation Related Notes can be quite handy during your preparation

How to download CBSE Notes PDF?

You can download the CBSE Notes PDF by tapping on the direct links and use them during your revision.

Can practicing CBSE Revision Notes help me score good marks?

Yes, you can absolutely score good marks by using the CBSE Revision Notes available here as they cover all the concepts.

Where can I get Classwise CBSE Revision Notes Free PDF Download?

You can get the Classwise CBSE Revision Notes and Study Material in PDF Format by using the quick links available.