Physics wallah Prayas Batch DPP, Test series and Lectures Free Pdf Download

Physics wallah Prayas Batch DPP, Test series and Lectures Free Pdf Download: Prayas Batch DPP, Test series pdf download for jee is a well-known package most topper recommend it and people have been keenly interested to get its pdf free of cost here on this page you will get the pdf. we neither own this pdf nor created it, we just provide the link which is already available on internet.


In this post, we are going to share a free pdf download of Prayas Batch DPP, Test series Physics, Chemistry, Maths for Jee pdf download for Jee 2023 pdf download using a direct link.

Physics wallah Prayas Batch DPP, Test series and Lectures Free Pdf Download
Physics wallah Prayas Batch DPP, Test series and Lectures Free Pdf Download

Now Before sharing the free pdf of the download of Prayas Batch DPP, Test series for Jee 2023 pdf download with you, here are a few details regarding the book in which you might be interested.

Book Highlight

  • • MCQs with Detailed Explanations
  •  • Includes Last Minute Revision Techniques
  •  • Each Category facilitates easy understanding of the concepts, facts, and terms
  •  • Questions based on New Patterns such as Objective MCQs and Subjective VSA, SA, LA 
  • • Learn from the step-by-step solution provided by the Experienced Teachers Solutions

Books Information

Books AuthorPw
Books namePw module pdf
Pdf Size10 MB each pdf
Pdf type googlegoogle drive

Physics wallah Prayas Batch DPP, Test series and Lectures Free Pdf Download

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Physical Wallah Praya’s PDF Free Download Batch Module is a well-known package recommended by most PW teachers, people have been very eager to get his PDF for free, and on this page you will get it.

We do not own or create this PDF, we only provide links that are already available on the web.

Top Faculties

  • Aditya Anand  (Physics)
  • Amitabh Sharma (Inorganic Chemistry)
  • Rohit Aggarwal (Organic Chemistry)
  • Amit Kumar Gautam (Physical Chemistry)
  • Ashish Aggrawal (Mathematics)

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educart book class 10 pdf download is comprehensive, carefully researched and developed in a self-explanatory format. The Prayas Dropper module provides aspirants with the knowledge base they need to pass the exam.

Praya’s 2.0 Physical Wallah includes problem solving methods, tips and examples to help aspirants excel in the Board and Jee exams. The pw module jee pdf also includes a biology dictionary to help memorize and revise concepts. It will be a success for those nearby students who don’t have in-person classes and can’t afford it.

Prayas 2.0 Physics Wallah provides problem solving tips, tips and examples to help students excel on Board and Jee exams. The module pw jee download also includes a biology glossary to help memorize and review topics.

PYARAS BATCH DETAILS for JEE 2023 aspirants

  • Best Faculties across India for different Subject/Topics. 2)
  • Complete & Relevant Syllabus Coverage of JEE within 6 Months- Fastrack August 8,2022 –
  • Monday-Saturday : 6 hours scheduled Classes everyday (2 hours for each Physics, Chemistry & Maths) + Physical Chemistry .
  • Scheduled Syllabus has been released describing :- which topics will be taught for how many days.
  • Scheduled Part- Tests on Sundays – Mains & Advance PATTERN (MOCK TEST)
  • After Completion of Syllabus, 2 times Revision with Mind Maps, Formula Sheets, Chapter Nutshell , etc.
  • 14 Mains Pattern Mock tests & 12 Advanced Pattern Mock Tests will be conducted as per declared schedule.
  • Daily Practice Problems(DPP) with each lecture consisting of relevant questions for JEE from the topic taught.
  • Video Solutions of DPP will be provided.
  • Chapter-wise dynamic exercise after Completion of each chapter, consisting of MOST WANTED QUESTIONS for JEE (like test)
  • Regular live Sessions from your teachers for i)Study Motivation ii)Avoiding Negativity iii)Strategy Planning
  • Batch will be open until JEE ADVANCED 2023, is conducted & students can have access to all Video Lectures,DPP,Exercises & Tests till JEE 2023 (whenever it is conducted)
  • If you are in class 12 and confuse about this batch, then we suggest you to Join the batch if your preparation is going very good for boards, you know basics and you are targeting JEE 2023 and want to cover whole syllabus in 6 months, then you can go for it.

The lectures consist of 6 lectures. These lectures are designed to help students understand the concepts of the subject. The lectures are divided into three sections. Section A contains 5 lectures. Sections B & C contain 2 lectures each.

Section A :-

  • Lecture 1 :- Introduction to the topic
  • Lecture 2 :- Forces acting on a body
  • Lecture 3 :- Work done by a force
  • Lecture 4 :- Energy
  • Lecture 5 :- Conservation of energy
  • Lecture 6 :- Kinetic energy

Section B :-

  • Lectures 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 :- Conservation of momentum

Section C :-

  • Lectur 1, 2, 3 :- Newton’s laws of motion

Facilities in Glance

  • Lectures
  • Study material
  • Test series
  • Discussion of study material
  • Guidance & Strategic sessions
  • Revision
  • Also …

the course does also provide a doubt solving facility which is quite good in JEE preparation .

So here’s my take –

Everything’s great ranging from lectures, study material to revision package! really hats off to Alakh sir for bringing best faculties for JEE on PRAYAS Batch and his efforts to affordable education for all thereby you can surely enrol for it but take care of your doubts for that you can use several platforms for same

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