Physics Wallah Arjuna JEE & NEET Modules Free PDF Download

In this post, you will get all Physics Wallah Arjuna JEE Modules and NEET Modules. The modules  are readily available to download in PDF format. They have covered all the topics essential for JEE and NEET exam. It is helpful for the students of class 11 Science stream (Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Biology). 


Team Physics Wallah has designed these Arjuna 2.0 modules using their years of experience and expertise. It is very useful for the preparation of IIT JEE exam and NEET exam in a systematic manner. This material along with the live lectures gives a complete coverage of the syllabus with important questions and theory. 

As you must be aware, JEE and NEET are really very competitive exams and thousands of student attempt it every year, hence proper planning and preparation is important. 

More about Physics Wallah Alakh Pandey

  • Physics Wallah is a very prominent Indian YouTuber, Instagram influencer and most importantly an excellent teacher. 
  • He frequently films and creates physics and chemistry subject videos for NEET, AIIMS, IIT-JEE MAINS/ADVANCE. He creates both guidance videos as well as subject related study videos.
  • On his YouTube channel, physics wallah, he has over 100 thousand subscribers.
  • He rose to prominence as a result of his outstanding physics teaching abilities.
  • Alakh is also a great motivational speaker, and he uses his second YouTube channel, Physics Wallah Motivation, to continually brighten up his supporters. 

 Here is a video from his channel

Details about Physics Wallah Arjuna JEE + NEET Modules PDF

A physical set of study materials would be provided. This would contain books for each of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology. The following are the salient features of the modules:

  • The books contain both the theory portion and the question-solving portion.
  • It is based on the new pattern and is an updated version.
  • It contains solved examples after every sub-topic. There are dedicated portions for covering important questions of the chapter as well as previous year questions(PYQs).
  • NCERT-based questions in the form of MCQs are provided at the end of each chapter with elaborate solutions.
  • There are 9 books in total in this module containing about 1850 pages.

Are these modules really helpful?

Indeed. As we know Physics Wallah is a famous Youtuber and has been a teacher at premier coaching institutes of India. Hence, we can fully trust him with his materials. Thousands of students are already studying from his notes. They are perfect for preparation of JEE in class 11.

How to study from Physics Wallah Arjuna JEE + NEET Modules?

  1. Simply, tap on the link in front of your preferred physics chapter, (all links are provided above) and you will be directed to the Google docs sheet containing the full, comprehensive notes of that chapter.
  2. For more information, you can check out the official YouTube channel of Physics Wallah for step by step instructions and explanation.
  3. Study and revise thoroughly!

Physics Wallah Arjuna JEE & NEET Modules Free PDF Download

Other Important Study Material Notes

Everyone should also check Chemistry Notes and Physics Notes by Aman Dhattarwal. These are also very good quality notes, prepared by highly qualified faculty of Apna College Team.

Also check out the below resources for JEE Mains, Advanced and NEET Examinations –

Hope you like these Physics Wallah Arjuna JEE Modules and NEET Modules. Please share them with your friends! Do let us know if any chapter is missing or link not working in the comments below.

About Physics Wallah Arjuna JEE & NEET Modules

he total number of books included in the package is 15. Each subject (Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics) will have four modules, and there will be one solution booklet that contains one hundred percent of the solutions to all problems. Download Class 11 arjuna jee modules Detailed and interesting theories of each chapter, along with illustrative examples that help students construct their understanding of the material.

Based on the most recent iteration of the JEE exam pattern and covering all of the necessary material. physicswallah arjuna jee module To facilitate better and more rapid learning, each subject has been divided and subdivided. The most important subjects are emphasised throughout the text in order to keep readers aware of their continued relevance.

The book has a competitive advantage over other books because it mentions additional key points that are important. The books include multiple choice exercises (MCGs) of varying degrees of difficulty to improve students’ problem-solving techniques; detailed answers to every question to improve students’ overall comprehension; and tips and tricks to improve students’ speed and skill.

Team Physics Wallah has thoughtfully and deliberately developed this collection of modules for the purpose of facilitating a methodical approach to the preparation of the JEE Exam. This material provides comprehensive coverage of the curriculum with theory that is both detailed and accessible.

In such high-level competitive exams like JEE, there are lakhs of aspirants who are enrolling every year for just a limited number of seats; therefore, having conceptual knowledge with thorough practise is the only key to success.

Team Physics Wallah wants to provide both knowledge and practise through this material; we not only focus on assisting students in securing good marks, but we also aim to make the process of preparation easier for them. Students have the potential to increase both their speed and their ability to solve problems with the utmost clarity with the help of these modules, which have that ability.

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